From Frugivore Magazine — What’s that I hear, that’s vegan stock prices rising one billion percent after, “The Queen of All Media,” Oprah Winfrey rubber-stamped the animal-conscious movement during her show on Tuesday, February 2nd.

Oprah embraced the meatless crowd by hosting a conversation, on her tremendously popular self-titled daytime talk-show, with authors Michael Pollen of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Kelly Freston, who wrote a new book Veganist. The crux of this particular show highlighted the results of a week-long challenge in which Oprah and 378 of her staffers went vegan.

Never one to hold a grudge, Oprah aired a segment where investigative reporter, and host of a new show produced by Oprah’s network OWN, Lisa Ling visited the Cargill slaughterhouse to see where some of America’s meat really comes from.

The segment, which followed a cow from the field through it’s slaughter, was tame by anyone’s standards. Oprah’s production team cut footage of the rubber bullet that hits and fractures the cranium of the cow, hopefully rendering it unconscious during the slaughter.

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  • jamesfrmphilly

    fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables……….all you need

  • African Mami

    I still pledge allegiance to goat meat and mutton. But oh hail to Queen O!

  • minna k.

    Going vegan 10 years ago was one of the best things i could have done for my health (although i had other factors contributing to this decision as well). That is all i have to say about that.

    • African Mami

      @ minna k.

      I ain’t tryna be funny, but when I hear vegan first thing that comes to mind is grass and water. It’s a great lifestyle that I think many of us should embrace, but my only worry is that the smell of goat meat and mutton will do me in. How were/are you able to completely stay off the meat market?

    • minna k.

      LOL African Mami, because i do drink wheatgrass, and water!

      I honestly think if it’s something that you really want to do you will find ways, and get to a point where you enjoy yourself. Enjoying yourself is key. Now is easiest as it has ever been. We have coconut non dairy ice cream, and tons of vegan sweets and all types of gooey decadent stuff! (that i try to indulge in occasionally. Sugar is sugar. Careful!) When i started out, all we had was Rice Dream! :P

      Also there are TONS of good vegan cookbooks available. Seriously, check Bryant Terry does a good one. Mostly anything can be vegan-ized as well (”The complete guide to vegan substitutions”). You may find that you need to experiment and use your imagination at times.

      Another thing i must admit. If you don’t really have issues with eating meat or animal products for health or ethical reasons it might be a challenge to create ways to give it up. Sometimes one really needs a good reason to NOT WANT to go back. Doing it JUST TO DO IT doesn’t really work. I found it easy to stay on corse because i have ALWAYS had ISSUES with meat even though i was raised to eat it. I would ask for an alternative, even though I never really got it i had to figure it out and cook for myself. I feel that growing up in a meat eating household was more limiting then, and i have more dietary variables now. There is no shortage.

    • African Mami

      Thanks a bunch for your insight. I was toying with the idea of going green, but I guess I
      will have to wait it out, until I have strong enough reasons to stay away from goats and sheep!

  • Alexandra

    Good for her! It never hurts to try something new. I did this 2 years ago (only for 3days) & I never felt healthier in my life lol! Too bad I couldn’t commit. I’ll probably try doing it again.