We’ve seen it before ladies — from big name celebrities to Keshia from around the way. It’s bold, it’s different; and at the Richard Chai Love runway show, it’s a natural.

Blonde hair on black women is a very tricky style to accomplish. It can show up too brassy, it wash others out, and it can be very damaging if you’re not careful. But that doesn’t stop us from coveting this platinum spi
n on a TWA. If you want to rock a striking hairstyle, this trend is just the ticket. Before you head to the salon, we have a few recommendations.

Make sure your hair is healthy before attempting extreme color lifting. Bleaching is an extreme process and can leave your hair weaker and dryer. Its important to start with a healthy base before attempting any kind of chemical manipulation. If you have damaged tresses, you may want to hold off on this style.

Do your research! If you don’t already have a good colorist, do your research. We are sure your regular stylist can fry, dye, and diva-fy. But make sure she is experienced with color. If not, shop around. Ask questions and get recommendations. The last thing you want is to catch a case for a bad dye job.

Just like in a diet, protein is an essential hair nutrient. Protein helps maintain hair’s elasticity and prevents breakage. Rotate weekly between deep conditions and protein treatments. Remembering to balance protein with moisture is important because too much protein can dry out your hair.


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