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  • Amanda

    Love this video so much! If you’re a Raphael fan, check out a free download of his song “Stone Rollin” on itunes this week! So good!

  • Shug

    Good Video! The video actually tells a wonderful story . . .

    my take on it, apparently problems started when she wasn’t satisfied with him as the man he was . . . she wanted more than she thought he could give. Being promiscuous with men she thought was of status . . . abusing herself to “rid” him from her life because she felt the good man was the problem. I believe he recognized that she was filled with self-hatred when they were taking him away in the police car.

    As for the reason he gave her the money . . . my mind went all sorts of ways with it. It could’ve been…
    a.) he wanted to repay her for the life lesson her deceit taught him (or maybe it was ordered by the court for “damages” lol).
    b.) he found out from the guys w/ the white envelopes that she was a “working girl” & wanted to “pay her for her services” with the way she screwed him over.
    c.) his initial plan throughout it all was to see her thru a financial struggle and kept his word even thru the turmoil.

    I could have been reading too much into the visual aspect of it all . . . but anyway. LOVED IT!

    • Whitney

      Thanks for your input because i was completely lost! I like the song and find myself watching the video when it comes on, even though I don’t understand But I like your views on it and think they fit well.

  • Craig

    Directed by Isaiah Seret, who prefers that the piece be received as a film, ‘Good Man’ is set in the early 1970s and exposes the story of two lovers who fall apart, struggling with lust and longing, while exploring the dichotomies of social climbing and humility. “‘Good Man’ tells the story I’ve seen many times in my own life,” Saadiq tells Spinner. “Everything around that man can be bad, his occupation, lifestyle, friends, but underneath all of it, he is a good man.”

  • Amy

    I think that the money he delivered was payment for her “services” rendered while she worked for the two Daddy’s in the car. He was told to deliver the money without realizing it was her until he saw her. She cried because she was busted and ashamed. That’s my take anyway.