Blair Griffith, the reigning Miss Colorado USA, is 23-years-old and homeless.  Just a month after being crowned, the beauty queen and her mother were evicted from their apartment.  Blair and her mother came up on some hard times recently and their finances have taken a hit.

Blair’s mom suffered from a heart attack for which she had major surgery.  Since the surgery, the bills have kept pouring in, eventually becoming so overwhelming the two could no longer keep up on their rent.  For now, Blair and her mother are staying with family friends in order to give themselves some time to get back on their feet–a task that seems to get much harder as every day goes on.

They say when it rains, it pours, and this recession is pouring it on this beauty queen in the worst way.  Blair says she recently found out that she’s not only homeless, but might also be jobless soon as well.  The Saks Fifth Avenue store where she works is shutting down, leaving the magna cum laude graduate without any source of income.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Blair explained that she and mother are doing it alone.  Her father passed away after losing his battle with prostate cancer; his support, Blair says, is what encouraged her to try out for the Miss Colorado pageant in the first place.  Her father always pushed her to take a shot in the pageant circuit, and with years of persistence, his daughter has made his vision come to life.  After four tries, Blair won the highest crown her state has to offer.

Telling her story to local Colorado’s 9News, Blair says even though it is a difficult one, she hopes she can allow people to see that the recession has not spared anyone.  She says:

“I hope people will see this and realize, ‘Wow, she is a real person,’ or ‘Hey, I didn’t think there was someone out there going through something similar to me.”

We feel you girl, this recession is as real as it gets and it is affecting us all.  At a time when the country is still struggling to get on the path to financial recovery, we love that Blair has the courage to be vulnerable and share what is obviously not a beauty queen’s ideal back story.  The Miss USA pageant airs June 19th and Blair says, with the help of sponsors, she is planning to be there to compete  and rep the state that gave her the crown.  And while life is no fairy tale, we will definitely be rooting for our new favorite real life Cinderella.

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