At the end of January, Chris Brown appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom as a follow-up to his domestic violence case from beating up his then girlfriend Rihanna. His attorney requested to lift the restraining order against Brown since Chris had finished his 52-week domestic violence counseling.

“It makes it difficult at awards shows and such,” said attorney Mark Geragos.

The judge didn’t lift the restraining order immediately as she awaited the response of Rihanna’s attorney.
Well…Chris was granted his wish. Rihanna has agreed to have Chris Brown’s restraining order dropped to level one. Per reports, this means Chris can contact her as long as he doesn’t molest, harass or annoy her. Hmmm.

Domestic violence cases are complex and emotional. Dealing with something so tragic in the public eye only makes things more difficult. No one truly knows what Rihanna had to endure. No judgment here if Rihanna has decided lifting the restraining order works for her.

But I do hope she only agreed for business purposes. It can be quite awkward tiptoeing around someone at award shows and events because of an existing court order. Although I would have made him deal with the consequences of his actions. But Rihanna ain’t me. It will be interesting to see how this will unfold in the future. Friends? Collaborations? Dare I say they may rekindle an old flame? I sure hope not.

Did Rihanna make the right decision to have the restraining order dropped down to a level one? Where do the Pop stars go from here?

What say you?

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