Speaking about the demonstrations that had broken out over Egypt on Monday, Rush Limbaugh likened President Barack Obama to a “pharaoh” on his radio show.

He apparently pointed the finger at Obama’s administration for not knowing what was coming in Egypt.

“Well, the same question needs to be asked about Pharaoh Obama,” he said on his show. “Why didn’t the Pharaoh see this coming, particularly given his wonderful relationship with this regimes and their people? Obama went over there, made a speech…even grew a quasi-mustache there for the appropriate facial hair.”

Listen to the broadcast here!

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  • KB

    This man shouldn’t be on Clutch…especially when there is no discussion question!

    Don’t give this racist what he wants: attention.

  • TJ

    Why are you talking about this man???? Why are you giving him any attention????

  • Leelee

    He is a crackhead we should not entertain anything he says. The drugs affects their thinking process.

  • Arthur

    Actually, it was Dr. Micheal Dyson that first called obama “Pharaoh”. He did it at one of Tavis Smiely’s “State Of The Black Union”. It’s on youtube and easy to find. It happens to be one of my favorite clips. He said and I paraphrase, “he is not Moses, he is Pharaoh”. Being a Black American, not all of us voted for nor even like obama. We see him for what he is, a Fascist. I’m amazed at how black people can support someone that don’t call himself black, he refers “african american”, which is not correct for a black person born in America, and he totally ignores us. I wouldn’t force my “blackness” on anyone, especially someone that is not even black. We have the worst case of “Beaten Wife Syndrom” that I’ve ever seen. obama will beat on us as he did on Father’s Day before the election, ignore us, then tell us he loves us when he needs our votes. Wake up, Black folks. Seriously.