Recently, HOT 97’s DJ Funkmaster Flex invited rapper, Wiz Khalifa to his HOT97 radio show for an interview to make male chauvinism proud. Speaking to Wiz about his rift with former Bad Girls Club cast member Natalie Nunn, Flex interjected with suggestive if not blatantly sexist comments.

During the interview, Wiz explains he met Nunn while she was at work in Pittsburgh as Flex chimes in with, “working…on her back.” By the time the bomb drop sound effects were over, listeners had been treated to more of Flex’s insults including: “chicken”, “bird,” and the creative “seed, seed.” And though Mr. Black and Yellow teasingly made a few inferences about Nunn ‘staying current’ by becoming fast friends with other celebs, he remained on the defensive repeating, “I go out my way to be a nice guy.”

While offensive, hearing Flex belittling a woman is not surprising given his track record. Going in on ex-girlfriends has been a weapon in the radio host’s arsenal for years. Just a few weeks back, Flex engaged in similar trash talk with Kanye West regarding the split from Amber Rose.

Though it’s easy to call out Flex’s women bashing behavior, are our favorite rappers at fault for indulging it?

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  • Lauren

    You all are the ones who ‘won’t quit’ you’d rather join the bulls**t then say hey wait a minute are you the SAME people who glorify shock jocks like Howard Stern and porn magazines amking a BILLIONAIRE out of Hugh Hefner many time over. Have women parade around in movies half dressed or naked just for the sake of it nominate women for playing prostitutes. Have Haiwaiian tropic and Miss America and Miss Universe which is just young women running around half naked posing as a ‘beauty contest’. Show women being raped and slaughtered in ways that would make Ted Bundy jealous and speaking of which glorify white male serial killers that rape and murder women at will. On top of that making hits out of shows like ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘bad girls club’ or however many countless reality sickofest that show women running around damn near naked while being drunk and stupid. Hope that pretty much covers it.