From Black Voices — Spike Lee has always been an activist in his own way. Whether he is chronicling our history in films like ‘Malcolm X,’ or speaking out about our omission from history in public debates with fellow film icon Clint Eastwood, Lee always has something to say about the black experience and how to make it better. Now Spike has a new message, and is using his platform to ask more African American men to become teachers:

Filmmaker Spike Lee joined Education Secretary Arne Duncan in issuing a call Monday for more black men to become teachers, making their plea at the country’s only all-male historically black college.

The two took part in a town hall meeting at Atlanta’s private Morehouse College just a week after President Barack Obama urged more people nationwide to become teachers.

Duncan told an audience that more than 1 million educators are expected to retire in the coming decade and that federal officials are hoping to harness that opportunity to create a more diverse teaching work force, noting that less than 2 percent of the nation’s 3 million teachers are black men.

“Everybody can’t be a business major,” Lee told the auditorium packed with male high school and college students. “We have to educate ourselves. We have to educate our young black men.”

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  • This event was very good, I watched it live. As a teacher and a Morehouse Man I know of over 100 Alumni making a difference in the lives of young scholars. My only issue with the event was that they didn’t have a black male teacher on the stage. Otherwise the event was a step in the right direction as many young Men of Morehouse are looking into education as well as the non profit sector to be Renaissance Men with a social conscious.

  • jason B

    This article did appeal to me. I actually had made the decision to return to school to get my teaching degree. I am a black male and excited about the possibility of returning to school and eventually becoming a High School English teacher but there is one problem: money. Illinois does not really offer any incentive programs or grant money for black men to become teachers. I see how other states offer money for men to become teachers. i’m worried about how I will pay for school. I cannot afford to take out a loan because I am currently paying back loans from my first go around in college. If anyone know of any assistance I can get, please feel free to let me know!