Best-selling author, comedian, and relationship advice guru Steve Harvey led an inspiring movement this past-weekend with the kick-off “The Steve Harvey Mentoring Weekend for Young Men” at the Davidson Conference Center at the University of Southern California. The two-day program, which was a condensed version of the four-day long event that took place in Dallas, Texas last year, provided an opportunity for young men from single-parent households to gather together and be enlightened on the experience of manhood that some may have lacked in their lives.

The program had nearly 100 male participants, ranging from the ages of 13 to 18 years old, who were selected to receive guidance and support from Harvey and his foundation. Harvey said in a statement that the program is truly an example of the type of success he hopes can be fostered in young men across the nation.

“We’ve got kids that were failing who are now B students, kids who were very disrespectful to their mothers who have turned it around and become family protectors instead.  Lots of positive stories,” he said.

Cedric the Entertainer, Terrence J of BET, and Lamman Rucker were in attendance over the weekend to help support the mission of teaching young men learn life skills that have a lasting impression on their lives.

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  • I am worried about what kind of masculinity he is trying to instill in these young men?

  • Gigi Young

    This looks good on paper, but Steve hasn’t shown himself to be a proper guide for young black men. Besides, celebrities are why black men aren’t striving for more–why get an education, develop a love for reading, travel widely, etc etc if they can be an uncouth comedian or VJ or whatever like Steve or Terrence J?

  • Genuinesol

    Huh? Scholastic improvement, increased respect for their mothers, acquisition of life skills, and mentors who are there to show them affection; something a lot of young men of all colors and from all socioeconomic backgrounds need more of in their life and this has you worried. Please expound because if the fruits of Steve Harvey and his mentor’s labor has been the results cited in this article then this type of “masculinity” needs to be patented and implemented everywhere.

  • Clnmike

    Sounds all good to me, a man who has been through a lot changed his ways is helping kids choose the right path so they don’t make the same mistake. Where is the negative?

  • Well considering that Steve Harvey has said some openly homophobic statements, and seems to put the ultimate value on the patriarchal nuclear family (which is fine) but as long as the sense of manhood he is trying to share is as progressive and inclusive as possible. I say this because there are plenty of brilliant queer identified young Black men with the desire to support their community but they are often pushed to the margines for failure to assimilate to this hegemonic form of masculinity which Steve Harvey has openly been in support of “act like a lady think like a man.”

    I do support projects like this but we must recognize that just as much damage can be done as help, when molding young minds.