Mr. Harvey must be relieved. He now has the proof to repair his credibility after the allegations against him by ex-wife Mary Harvey are being dispelled by court documents.

Last month Mary Harvey posted a series of YouTube videos claiming Steve left her homeless, cheated throughout the marriage and took her son away from her (Steve is the primary custodian). According to Daily News, Judge Robert Dry “slammed” Mary for breaking the gag order and spreading false information. The gag order in the initial divorce settlement barred both parties from publicly discussing the failed marriage.

Judge Dry allowed the recent court documents to be released so Steve Harvey could prove his innocence. According to the documents, Mary Harvey was awarded three homes in the settlement, $40,000 a month through March 2009 and an additional 1.5 million dollars. Further, the ex-couple’s son Wynton was not taken away from her. In fact, she sent him on a plane to Steve without so much as a heads up. As for Mr. Harvey’s current wife Marjorie, the judge clarified, “she was not a part of the original divorce proceeding, nor was she a cause of the marital breakup.” The judge ordered Mary to take down her Youtube videos immediately. On March 10, Judge Dry will hold a hearing in regards to Mary violating the gag order.

Mary, Mary, Mary.

Did Mary not think she would end up in court? Mr. Harvey is writing books as a self-proclaimed relationship guru. His credibility (and the main thing- his money) was at stake here. Why would Mary go to such efforts to violate her gag order and then lie? There has to be some missing pieces to the puzzle, but looks like the public won’t be finding out anything else regarding the failed marriage of Mr. Harvey.

Now all the millions of women (2.2 to be factual) who purchased his first book and continue to take his word as gospel as they shuffle to buy the second, you ladies can rest easy. Your relationship guru’s credibility has been restored.

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  • Shabba

    Steve Harvey was still a cheat who left two previous wives and had numerous affairs. The same way this current wife got him, the same way someone else will take him from her..Once a cheat, always a cheat..Karma is a real b**ch…I would not take any advise he has to offer, I never listened to any of his shows, and will not be buying any of his books…

  • Clnmike

    “Why would Mary go to such efforts to violate her gag order and then lie? ” because she is a trifling ass chick thats why. There is no secret here, no under lying cause, she is a scandalous woman who tried to humiliate her ex and his new and improved wife, embarrassed son who it seems she abandon, and out right lied. Hell I was so so on Steve now I do want to read his books. Also anyone who has learned from their mistakes is qualified to give advice. The question will be does anyone have sense to listen.

  • KGDC

    Considering Steve Harvey has always stated that he doesn’t give relationship or marriage advice, just advice on men… I’m not sure where the criticism of his effort is in question? Considering that he is a man, has lived, loved, failed and succeeded beyond mosts wildest dreams… what’s the problem again? Buy his book or don’t, but his opinion is valid. Even he realizes the contradiction of him giving marriage or relationship advice. It’d be like going to Terry McMillan for advice on finding hetero, Black men… or Oprah or Gayle King on what it’s like to be in a stable relationship. However, I could learn from them on what it’s like to be them… or their trials as a woman.

    But… why let little things like facts get in the way of a good gripe?