Everything old is indeed new again.  Warner Brothers is planning a remake of the 1992 film, The Bodyguard–with a few minor adjustments.  And so far, we’re not sure how to feel about it.

First off, Whitney Houston fans, prepare to be disappointed.  The star who made the film a mega-blockbuster hit will not resume her role as Rachel Marron, the international singer and diva facing a stalker’s death threat.  Instead, the studio is searching for a young female pop star for the lead role.  The goal is to recreate the phenomenon that was the original by giving an already popular artist their own, “I Will Always Love You,” ballad to last through the years.

Early rumors was that Rihanna was the front runner for the role. While it would be interesting to see an unexpected pick for the female lead, insiders say that the film’s producers may have already tapped Clint Eastwood to direct Beyonce.  If that is true, then it is quite possible the singer will be on track to play every singer in history, real and fictional, that has ever lived.

In the modern version of The Bodyguard, there will be some of the old and a lot of the absurd and new.  According to Deadline.com:

The new version is similar, including the love story, but here the bodyguard will be a former Iraq war veteran who gets the job protecting the star as his first gig after leaving the Army. He discovers that the world of Twitter, Google Maps and TMZ has made access to celebrities easier than ever, making the job more difficult than ever.

I can see it now: a psycho Bey stan using Foursquare to track down her every move.  Thrilling, no?

Frankly, all this news has just made me miss the original film and soundtrack even more.  Remember when Rachel throws a tantrum about having her Sunday brunch rescheduled to Tuesday?  Remember the love scene withKevin Costner?  Remember waiting for “Run To You” to come on so you could belt out the falsettos in your lace-up school shoes?

Ok, so maybe that last memory is a personal one, but point is this: The Bodyguard was and remains a defining moment in 90’s pop culture.  The interracial love interest between the two stars was one of the first scripted without the entire storyline being dedicated to the difference between the two and a race relations debate.  The film also proved that a black female lead could not only make a hit film, she could headline one that earned $441 million worldwide.  To this day, the film is one of Warner Brothers’ biggest global hits, so whoever ends up with the lead role–expect to see their face everywhere you turn.

I wonder what Ms. Houston thinks of all this hoopla…

What’s your favorite Bodyguard moment?  What do you think about the plans for a remake: could the update become an upgrade?

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  • Apologies for this (very) belated comment – I’ve only just discovered this awesome website! While it probably won’t ever be remembered for its ground-breaking acting, I definitely agree that ‘The Bodyguard’ was a ground-breaking film for its time in terms of the racial pairing and gross earnings.

    @Leelee Regarding Diana Ross and Steve McQueen – yes, I read that somewhere too! Snap! I’d love to see how that might have panned out! I think McQueen back in the day looked like a cross between Daniel Craig and, strangely enough, Kevin Costner.

    Gosh, a remake? Really? I mean – is it necessary?! I liked reading everyone’s comments on who should do the remake. A few years ago, I would’ve said Lauryn Hill for Rachel. Now I think Wynter Gordon could be interesting, but I’m not sure if she can act. The Frank part is easy: Sam Worthington. He actually looks like he was a real-life bodyguard once! Jeremy Renner could be a goer too.

    As for my favourite part… It’s probably that bit where Rachel does that club show and the crowd turns feral and Frank busts his way in and carries her to safety. Granted, it’s sort of corny, but it’s also quite romantic! *Sigh* I wish some hottie would bust me out of a feral crowd…. ;-P

  • modern lady

    Beyonce…really? How many times must the seeing and hearing public be subjected to that?

  • Tia Williams

    That was boring. I only like side one of the soundtrack since it was all Whitney.