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  • a frend sent this link to me and my first reaction was “they r so naked and so close together!!!”. so my frend says to me “just listen to the words will you”. and honestly, once you get past the nakedness – its a beautiful song. We all dont want to just love now but to be remembered after we are gone, dont we. i think its like every humans fear that their life will just blow out like a candle, the scent of it linger for a bit then *gone! Lovely song… Got it up on my blog, too.

  • wow this video is priceless…i amazed and excited…black love makes me :)

  • Hot Chocolate

    I loved it! The song is simple so I think it’s only fitting that the video is also simple. I thought it was beautiful, emotional, and powerful. I’m a fan.

  • Jennifer

    I saw him last night opening for Ledisi. He was amazing! They both were fierce and so passionate. Watch out for him!!