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Back in 2008, Vogue Italia shocked the fashion industry (and the world) with the premiere of “The Black Issue”. Casting nothing but black models, the issue sold out within 72 hours, causing the magazine to do something it never did before — reprint.

[Vogue Italia had to reprint 30,000 extra copies for American distributors, 10,000 for its British audience, and 20,000 in Italy. That’s a total of 60,000 more copies!]

Monochromatic ethnicity themes are an increasing trend in fashion magazines. The November 2010 issue of Vogue U.S. featured the “Asia Major” spread, using only Asian models. This month, Vogue Italia revisits its previous monochromatic theme with “The Black Allure”, staring 11 top models of color, including Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn, Arlenis Sosa, and Chanel Iman.

While we love the all black spreads, many are expressing feelings of segregation. For some, the Jim Crow attitude — separate but equal — comes to mind. Others expressed that although these spreads are wonderful, the lack of exposure for black models is still unacceptable.

Do you agree with this sentiment or are the all black issues fostering a new era in fashion, diversity, and inclusion?

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