It’s been nearly 25 years since The Roots came together in the City of Brotherly Love and singlehandedly brought live instrumentation to hip-hop. Since their formation, the Legendary Roots Crew has released 12 studio and two live albums, won four Grammys, and expanded the way people think about rap music.

If you’ve ever been to a Roots show, then you already know these brothas know how to rock a stage. Cramming the stage with real musicians, not just two turntables and a mic (although they are also welcome), the band’s ability to mashup nearly every genre from jazz to rock to hip-hop to reggae in the span of one song is nothing short of amazing. Lately, the group’s been getting some well-deserved shine—backing Jimmy Fallon on “Late Night” and bringing home three Grammys.

Recently, filmmakers Jeff Baraka and Cam Be released the short documentary, “The Legendary: A Film About the Roots,” which follows the band as they headlined the Hennessey Artistry tour last year. In the true spirit of any hip-hop head, the pair wanted to shine some light on a group that embodies the spirit of “real hip-hop.”

Cam Be reflects,

“I have always been a huge fan of the music created by the best band to ever grace the Hip-Hop genre. In this film I wanted to not only highlight the versatility of a group that has played with most everyone in the industry. But also capture candid moments of real human beings just trying to share the gifts they have been given to the best of their abilities.”

If you’ve never seen the Roots live this film will show you exactly what you’ve been missing. But remember this: there is no substitution for the real thing. The next time the Roots Crew comes to town run, don’t walk, to the ticket booth.

Watch, “The Legendary: A Film About the Roots.” What’s your favorite Roots song?

The Legendary: A Film About The Roots from Cam Be on Vimeo.

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