This week, Pepsi unveiled their new set of ads staring…well, it’s unclear.

The ads feature Modern Family’s Sophia Vergara, the beautiful bombshell known for her curvy shape (34DD-28-39 to be exact) and the annoyingly beautiful way she belts out, “Jayyy!” for 30 minutes every Wednesday night at 9 P.M.

In the print version of the ad, the viewer sees a print version of Vergara, wearing a bright blue beach hat and using a straw to sip from Pepsi’s new skinny can for its diet soda.  However, the can isn’t the only thing looking noticeably slimmer.

Since the big reveal more folks have been talking about the lack of Vergara in the actual ad.  Margaret Hartman of Jezebel, criticized Pepsi for photoshopping Vergara’s breasts to minimize them in the ad, saying:

“We’ll begrudgingly give the company points for not making a joke about her “cans” in this ad — not that you can even tell it’s her. Vergara’s positioned so you can’t see most of her face and body, and her arm is whittled by an oddly-placed shadow.”

It seems counterproductive for Pepsi to enlist the actress known and loved for her curvy figure and then try to tame her actual image in their ads.  Vergara is naturally a busty woman, a feature that she doesn’t try to hide.  In an interview with SHAPE magazine, earlier this year Vergara confessed that she believed a woman should have some flesh on her bones, saying, “I think when women reach a certain age, they look better with a little fat in their face.”

The message the ad sends out through minimizing Vergara is a harmful one for younger women and unappealing to any woman looking on.  It seems to suggest that slim is better than beautiful, that withering means improvement.   I mean minus the digital tools, it seems the advertisers were one step away from just going Victorian and strapping those bad boys in with gauze.

Quite frankly, Pepsi’s faux pas is almost expected.  After the string controversies over various magazines using Photoshop to minimize or hamper women of color, an advertiser doing the same is hardly shocking.  Disappointing is all.

What do you ladies think of the ads for Diet Pepsi?  Have Sophie Vergara’s curves gone ghost?

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