While Lindsay Lohan’s ever growing legal woes are now a jumble in our minds, one constant stand out: the sister sitting beside her in every courthouse photo.  Who is that woman with the sharp low cut and stunning pearls?

That sister is Shawn Chapman Holley, a Los Angeles-based attorney. Holley, who was a prominent member of O.J. Simpson’s defense team, has become a go-to for many celebs in distress.

Holley’s list of clients reads like the who’s-who of gossip blogs: Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, The Game and more.  While a roster like that could keep any woman from seeing anything but the walls in her office, Holley balances work with being a mother and wife.  You may also recognize her husband, Damion Holley– a vocal coach on American Idol.

Today, Holley is back in court representing Lindsay Lohan.  Though they have walked through those courthouse doors before, it’s never been for as severe charges like this.  Lohan is currently facing a felony grand theft charge for refusing to return a necklace from a jewelry store.

Last year, it looked like Holley had taken about enough of Lohan’s foolery.  After many summer days in court, a judge ordered Lohan to a brief stint in jail.  Though Holley released a statement calling the sentence harsh, she also resigned from the case altogether by the end of that day.  The separation didn’t last long, though, as Lohan was busted on this latest charge while on probation for the last one.

We’re not really sure what to think of Holley and Lohan, but it’s clear their relationship is a professional one. With a client like Lilo, it’s hard to imagine getting much distance from the case.  Last year sources spilled Holley’s frustration with Lohan to Hollywood Life:

“Shawn is in lawyer hell,” says a friend close to Holley, “Every time she thinks there is an end in sight with Lindsay, she gets a new case! This is someone who just wants to get out.”

As much as it would be nice to sympathize with Holley’s pain, the love-hate relationship of repping troubled celebs is part of what pays the bills.

What about you Clutchettes- do you feel Lindsay’s lawyers pain or are you just happy to see a sister getting paid?

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