#lesigh This is why we cannot rise as a people.

In honor of his 35th birthday, rapper Rick Ross made it rain, literally, in a Miami strip club, dropping a cool million on the dance floor before the night was done.

Everyone from Diddy, Ricky Rozay’s manager, to Wale, Pharrell Williams, and Busta Rhymes was on hand to celebrate with the Bawse and take part in the over-the-top festivities.

When word first spread that Ross spent in excess of $1 million at King of Diamonds, I shook my head and wondered what positive things his pocket change could have funded instead of a self-indulgent romp at a strip club.

  • Buy Computers for struggling Miami schools?
  • Rebuild Haitian earthquake victims’ homes?
  • Help HIV/AIDS patients get meds?
  • Send 10 Black teens to college?
  • Donate to organizations that mentor Black boys?

The possibilities are almost endless.

In an era where so many are struggling to make ends meet, blowing a million dollars at a strip club seems insensitive and irresponsible. But hey, who said hip-hop was really about the people?

Check out NBC Nightcap’s behind the scenes footage of Rick Ross’ extravagant celebration.

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