Students in Professor John Michael Bailey’s class were given the lecture of a lifetime last Monday.  Bailey, a psychology professor at Northwestern University invited students to stay after class for an optional demonstration. Using sex toys.

In an effort to emphasize female sexual expression, Bailey invited a female exhibitionist to demonstrate female ejaculation, live and in person. According to the university paper, the Daily Northwestern reported that the woman disrobed and was penetrated by a sex toy until she reached sexual climax.

Present for the demonstration were about 120 students and Ken Melvoin-Berg, president of a local sex toys tour.  There to narrate the demonstration, Melvoin-Berg and the use of the toy- known as  a ‘f*ck saw.’

The after-class session has caused quite the uproar on the campus with many saying that the demonstration was inappropriate.  However, for his part Professor Bailey says that students were warned before hand about the graphic nature of what they were about to see and repeatedly given opportunity to lead.

Generally speaking, both the professor and guest speaker fel that the demonstration went over well with the class.

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, Ken Melvoin-Berg said, the class was “a fun and educational experience,” and that students “seemed to be incredibly pleased. We had a number of them that got closer and closer.”

In a statement released today, Northwestern University President Morton Shapiro said he was “troubled and disappointed” by the incident and that the university would be investigating the demonstration further.

For his part, Bailey said it was “too early to say” if he regretted the demonstration but he did say this: “I did not wish, and I do not wish, to surrender to sex negativity and fear.”

Well then. Talk about practicing what you preach.

Tell us Clutchettes?  What do you think of Bailey’s sex-toy demonstration? Would you have cut class or stayed behind?

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  • African Mami

    Oh please! This is America. If it happened in Africa, I would have died from shock.

  • Ash

    Did they record it? I need it for scientific proposes.

  • zy

    I think what most people are forgetting is the fact that this was not a mandatory part of the class. he told students they could opt to stay and watch or go about their business. for those who opted to stay to now complain that it was “too much”… wtf did you stay for? why not just leave after class? obviously it’s a class on sex ed and apparently he’s know for doing things against the grain so why beef about this when you clearly opted to sit right there and watch? i’m quite sure these same “prudes” are doing worse in their dorms or in public. i think if it became “too much to watch”, they should simply have left the classroom and left well enough alone. it’s not like their grade depended on it. *smdh*