From Black Voices — Amber Riley is the breakout star from ‘Glee’ who is helping to change the way Hollywood views shapely women. Turned down by ‘American Idol’ after auditioning for season two, Riley is now living her dream as both a singer and an actress on the hit Fox series.

BlackVoices.com spoke to the self-proclaimed “church girl” who talked about the popularity of ‘Glee,’ which artists she’d love to guest star on the show and her own upcoming music endeavors. ‘‘Glee’ has become a pop culture phenomenon. What’s the most overwhelming part of it?

Probably the attention you get in general is overwhelming. There are so many different emotions you feel when you find this type of success – disbelief, excitement, fear and anxiety. Mainly, I am overjoyed with living my dream.

Glee‘ offers the best of both worlds – music and acting. Which one is your first love?

Music was my first love because it was the first gift that I realized I had, but acting and singing go hand and hand. When I’m on stage I become whatever character I need to be to relay the message in the song I’m singing.

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  • WoW

    Plus-size is PC……she is obese.

    • tabula rasa

      It’s irrelevant what term is used. Hope that’s not all you got from this article.

      She is a smart, talented, and beautiful person and thus should not diminish the shining light that she is just because of what size her clothes are. If more girls, women, and people in general had the type of confidence and security about themselves that she seems to have about herself, then we’d all be better off.

  • WoW

    The world is full of smart, talented beautiful obese women. The term is VERY relevant. The difference between size 10 and 24 can mean life and death for someone. but when I say obese…then you know it is not healthy and not something to be desired.