“You and that damn tweeter.”

My best friend and I are opposites in many ways. While I love to engage people in conversation, she is all about listening in. If I am going to a networking event, she will pass. But if there is one thing that shows our introvert-extrovert split more than anything else, it is social networking.

While I love tweeting through my favorite shows, she hates the influx of hashtags that fill her timeline through award shoes and on nights when politics or pop culture explodes on itself.

This week in The Wall Street Journal, Katherine Rosman reflected on the effects of technology in an article, “When Twittering Gets in the Way of Real Life.” Rosman writes:

Me, I love the interaction technology provides. I get excited to share photos of my children’s birthday parties with my mom’s friends who are Facebook junkies — and with whom I’m close, thanks to Facebook. But much more than Facebook, Twitter is my weakness.

I don’t know if I’d say Twitter is my weakness but it is definitely one of my new favorite toys. The thing is, it’s easy to be a junkie- and we all know there are people who tweet louder than they talk in person.

Tell us what you think Clutchettes- are you guilty of the Twitter tune out?

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  • i think Twitter is great, depending on who you follow. i think many feel obligated to follow their friends (whose tweets they hate), and that leads to a bad social network experience.
    and nothing is funnier that when a television event occurs! everyone becomes a social commentator & it’s just a blast. \

    but like i said, it’s all depends on who you follow. many of my friends don’t know i have a twitter page =|

  • Jazz

    I am a Twitter junkie! I once said that I would never get a twitter two years ago but once I signed up I couldn’t turn back. I do have to force myself not to tweet every moment of my life…but it definitely makes my day much more entertaining. I actually watch tv now just to see the twitter debate and commentary surrounding the shows.