From Black Voices — The scene was pretty typical for a fashion show: Front-row seats were reserved for editors, stylists and friends of the designer, but that didn’t stop crashers from grabbing seats like they were Louboutins at a sample sale. The celebrities in attendance caused a bit of a frenzy among the photographers. Some guy claiming to be a casting director was creeping on a woman too naive to know better.

The show started ridiculously late, but once it did, audible gasps of delight were heard every time a model walked down the runway in a particularly brilliant outfit. The designer walked out at the end, waving and bowing to applause. Then it was over. People collected their things and headed over to another tent for another show.

Yep, it was all pretty typical. Except the fashion shows that took place during ARISE Magazine Fashion Week weren’t typical at all. They were exceptional.

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