Tell us something we don’t know.

The web is alive and buzzing this morning over a recent poll on women’s shoe shopping habits. The new national poll featured in the April 2011 issue of ShopSmart magazine, comes from the publisher of Consumer Reports.

Among the studies key findings:

The average woman owns 17 pairs of shoes, down two compared to 19 in 2007.

Women typically purchase three pairs of shoes a year, most with heels under 2 ½ inches.

Most women spend an average of $49 on a pair of new shoes and 1/3 of all women have spent $100 on a single pair.

The findings seem to suggest that women have slightly cut back on their shoe spending since the recession hit. And though we are pinching back when we have to, the poll also shows in some ways we are still pledging allegiance to having a sick shoe game.

According to results, more women are willing to tolerate pain for fashion—60% vs. 49%—than they were four years ago. Though shoe-icide may seem like a worthy cause, the numbers on injuries women endure on account of their heels is astounding.

48 percent of women have had a shoe-related injury (blister, break, sprain, etc.).

35 percent had an evening ruined by an uncomfortable pair of shoes.

24 percent of us have fallen because of our shoes.

While we certainly understand the importance a shoe can play in an outfit, we have to wonder if having on a mean pair is really worth taking a fall for.

Tell us what you think Clutchettes: are you willing to drop big bucks to teeter in killer heels?

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  • Nic Nic

    the average woman owns 17 pairs of shoes…….i surpassed that in high school.

    women also typically buy 3 pairs a shoes a year. its only march and i’ve already bought 2….

    i actually just bought my 2nd mean pair of shoes this year. they are tan about 4 inch high platform peep-toe booties. as i stand at 5’10, i was a bit intimidated by this shoe at first. but i’ve learned to love my height and can’t wait to shoe this babies off. they most i’ve ever suffered from killer shoes were some easily resolved corns. other than that i tend to stick to more reasonable wedge styles.

  • Lisa

    Wow…average is 17 pairs? I own about 80! lol typically buy 3 pairs a year? try 20-30 pairs, if not more! hmm….do I have a problem?
    As far as comfort, I’ll admit I can suffer for a fabulous shoe, but not overtly so…I have never sustained a serious injury from falling or anything thank god.
    For the most part, I choose comfort over anything just because I wear heels frequently day to day, but 2 1/2 inches, yea not so much, it’s hard for me to even buy anything under 4 inches, if only for work.
    *sigh* What’s a girl to do if not to profess love in the name of her shoes??? lol

  • Arria

    Who are these people that they are polling. The only reason I haven’t bought more than 3 pairs 3 months into the new year is because I am on a self-imposed shoe fast. I own over 100 pairs of shoes and I just don’t have space for anymore and I’m not willing to get rid of the ones I have. Maybe if I can get my youngest to go live with his dad…

  • Brandy

    I read on Fashionista that this poll was done via home phone, so those being surveyed were 1. At home during the day and 2. Owned a home phone! So that right there tells you that they did NOT get a representative sample.

    3 shoes a year at $49 a pair…puhleeze.

  • Miss A

    I agree with everyone here…WHO did they survey because I have more than 17 pairs of flats alone! I cannot keep count of the pumps, sandals, heels, boots, sneakers, etc. And, I just bought some killer pumps (5 pairs this year) that are over 4″ high. I am 5’5, so I love to wear heels that makes me look taller and spice up my calves! I, to, am running out of closet space, so I may have to do a shoe fast myself…..lol…..