This morning Amber Rose went on a bit of a Twitter rant. Apparently, she’s tired of being dogged out by bloggers, comedians, and people at large for being seen with so many men.

She tweeted:

“Morning Twit Fam, [I] didn’t really wake up in a good mood today. I’m just so sick of being ridiculed. [People] assuming things without knowing. I’m super nice to everyone I meet. I’m a very caring compassionate person. I don’t deserve to be talked about so negatively. I really hate explaining myself that’s why I stay so quiet but I will say this….. I was with my ex for 2 years and now I have a new Love. [Two People] that’s it. If that makes me a whore then so be it. I have NEVER slept with Fabolous, Drake, Chris Brown, Amare, Lebron, Cassidy etc nor have I ever been a Prostitute”

While Rose makes it clear she has never been a prostitute and is not promiscuous, she has been very open about her past in Philly, where she worked as a stripper to make ends meet.

Moreover, despite her claim that she hasn’t been boyfriend hopping—she was famously with Kanye West for two years and is now dating Wiz Khalifa—Amber has been photographed on the arms of some of hip-hop and sport’s elite since parting ways with the Louis Vutton Don. Because of her popularity and how the media seems to hype a celebrity’s every move, Amber has been labeled a whore and a gold digger by those who don’t even know her. And according to “comedian” Lil’ Duval, it’s all her fault.

“No disrespect, but that’s what comes [with] being around so many different men,” Lil Duval tweeted.” “In our mind if [you are] with him [you] f***ed him. In this world, it’s not about what you think you are, it’s about what people SEE [you] as and it’s up to you to make them see what you see. You’ll see what I’m [tryin] to say later on. [I’m] not bashing you. Just understand [that] you are what’s perceived in this industry.”

And there it is.

Women who have a lot of male friends have been dealing with this very issue for years. If we dare have a large circle of comrades and a good amount of them are male, many people become suspicious and we are labeled as “hoes.” On the flip side, men who have a lot of female friends are just popular.

Although I cannot stand Lil’ Duval and his brand of “comedy,” his argument that Amber has to deal with people labeling her as easy because she’s seen on the arms of men is quite standard.

Growing up I had a lot of male friends. My father was a basketball coach, I had an older brother, and I was somewhat of a lipstick tomboy. When I was younger I felt more at ease discussing basketball stats and rappers than talking about the latest fashion trends, so my crew consisted mostly of dudes, which was never a problem until I got to high school.

In high school, having male friends somehow meant you were boy crazy and fast, and some questioned whether or not I was really hanging with the boys just to talk sports. They falsely insinuated, just like Lil’ Duval, that women and men could not possibly hang out with one another without getting it on.

Like most people, I don’t know who Amber Rose has or has not slept with, but that hasn’t stopped many from calling her 50 million hoes.

But why?

Why do some of us hold on to such rigid ideals about male-female relationships? And why are we SO comfortable judging celebrities based on gossip and innuendo?

Every time I think I’ve left the childishness and ignorance of high school behind, I’m reminded that some things—hurling irrational insults, treating gossip as fact, and making snap judgments about others—are just really hard to grow out of.

What do you think about Amber Rose and Lil’ Duval’s conversation? Let’s talk about it!


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  • luise

    serenissima i could not agree more with our coment. i feel that is what feminism has got to competing with men. it does not mean it is a good thing.

  • bb

    There are lines in Kanye West’s song “Stronger” that leave me thinking of Amber Rose:

    “Heard they’d do anything for a Klondike
    Well I’d do anything for a blonde-dyke
    And she’ll do anything for the limelight
    And we’ll do anything when the time’s right”

    What I know about Amber is that she is a blonde bi-sexual who loves the media spotlight.

    I am wondering if Kanye was possibly talking about her in his song before they made their relationship public……….

  • Jay

    Blah, blah, blah!! If a women has lots of men around her the title put on her is she’s sleeping with all of them, but if a man has lots of women around him he is a player/pimp/dog and is also sleeping with them. So please dont twist the story and say he’s considered cool. He maybe considered cool to his friends as Im sure the girl who has lots of male friends is looked up to by her friends as cool.

    Next, what is the reason for a man/women to be hanging around lots of men especially if they are in the lime light????