It is undisputedly juvenile and regressive for a grown man to throw temper tantrums every time he finds himself upset.

It was a only a short time ago when Chris Brown’s judge, the honorable Patricia Schnegg declared “No one has ever done a better or more consistent job”–referring to the 21 year-old’s modified behavior. But after an alleged rampage at New York City’s ABC studios—we all have to ask ourselves, has Chris Brown really changed?

Today on the release date of his fourth studio album ‘F.A.M.E’ (For All of My Enemies), the singer found himself questioned by ‘Good Morning America’s’ beloved Robin Roberts about ex-girlfriend, pop star Rihanna and their domestic dispute in 2009. Clearly upset by the turn to Rihanna, Brown attempts to re-route the questioning back to his new album. Now ABC reports after the interview with Roberts, Brown “stormed into his dressing room and started screaming and tearing the room apart.” ABC further reports staff inside the building called security, but before they could arrive, staffers on site says Brown smashed a window in his dressing room and glass shattered onto New York’s 43rd and Broadway.

One has to wonder what the series of counseling and community service actually did to modify the Virginia native’s behavior. Brown fled ABC studios walking outside in New York’s 43-degree weather with no shirt on. The performer recently tweeted, “I’m so over people bringing this past shit up!!! Yet we praise Charlie Sheen and other celebs for there bullshit.” The tweet has since been removed.

The singer seemed to win back scores of fans after a heartfelt performance on BET’s 10th Annual Awards show in June. Brown led an emotional ensemble of Michael Jackson hits before promising members of the community “I won’t let you down again.” And now, less than a year later, Brown proves his still struggles with anger and control—instead of smashing a woman, he smashes a window. Guess that’s progress.

See the interview with Chris Brown and Robin Roberts here!

What do you think about Chris Brown’s recent incident? Sound off!

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  • Lauren

    Even if he was being pompous and an ass and can’t own up to his wrong behavior how is this NOT about race anymore?! It’s not just Sheen Mickey Rourke,Tommy Lee,Eric Roberts,hockey player Patrick Roy,sportscaster Jim Lampley,golfer John Daly,Raiders coach Tom Cable,Axl Rose,boxer Andrew Golota,Danny Sullivan all white males and ALL guilty of domestic violence. But I rarely if ever see them criticized and like I said Stacy Dash’s husband who is white beat her up I don’t hear anyone speaking out for her.

    • OhMyEyes

      If Justin Timberlake had beaten the hell out of Jessica Biel I honestly think he’d be getting the same treatment. Of the people you named, iirc non of them (or their victims) had the same level of fame CB and Rihanna did. You think OJ wasn’t beating Nicole when they were married? Terrence Howard was already a pretty established actor when he was arrested for beating his wife, and I don’t recall that incident catching much attention.

      More importantly, none of their incidents happened in the age of the internet (key, because we were able to see images of Rihanna’s beaten face). *In the case of Stacey Dash, she’s on the D-list and her ex-husband isn’t famous at all…from a journalistic p.o.v., this is a story with no meat.

      There are many factors that come in to play here, but I don’t think race has really needed to be one of them.

    • Lauren

      Ok I’m confused here why is it when it’s a black male who does it everybody cries ‘I don’t care who it is’ but when it’s a white male people like you come up with EVERY excuse in the book as to why we should hold out tongue when it’s one of them. Here’s the deal I don’t give a RAT’S ASS about somebody’s ‘level’ of celebrity a-n-y time a man hits a woman that should be a rounding the wagons moment no matter WHAT his race or money or fame level. As for O.J. they made domestic violence a national crisis something I have NEVER seen with white males[even the ones who didn’t beat their wives but still killed them]. And why is it anytime there is criticism for black women it becomes ‘women of all races do that’ but when it’s a black man you all talk as if that behavior was their’s EXCLUSIVELY and you all wonder why black men don’t support you either.

  • Kee

    Oh Lord…The race card again?????? really??? LOL…Anyway Christ should know by now that people are people. They love drama & will not let go of any mistakes a person make. Chris is trying to rebuild his image & people just want to make sure it is real before letting it go. I do not fault Christ for redirecting the reporter back to his album. He was not being disrespectful. He told her once that he wanted to focus on his album & she clearly didn’t get it the first time. I wish Chris Brown plenty of success. I hope his image can recover.

  • The Taker

    Funny how when the “incident” came out, people all over the blac… I mean urban blogosphere kept trying to lay blame on Rihanna, trying to justifying any possible reason to defend her beat down. Everything from “Islands girls are known to be crazy and volatile”, to the malicious rumor ” She gave him herpes” or ” She was crazy and possessive” . All of this and trying to portray Chris as some sweet angel that just went off the edge. But every since the debacle that was Rihanna and Chris, I began to believe this mofo was never sweet and just this insane, out of control, overtly emotional, enraged jerk. This fool has yet to prove my ass wrong.

    Ninja you melting down over some questions.Gtfohwtbs. You see Rihanna going bat-ish crazy over some questions from which was stemmed by you. Everybody can make excuses for him and defend all his irrational, destructive ass behavior but I wont. I dont like to enable people. Clearly thats what people keep doing to him. When is some one going to sit his Dennis Rodman looking ass down and set his ass straight. Probably when he beats up his next victi… I mean girlfriend.

  • TR

    Race, media, whatever. Chris Brown will simply have to take this across the chin and deal with it. Putting your hands on a woman is not something people just let you live down. And they shouldn’t. The message needs to be sent that it is not okay to put your hands on people (male or female). If he would have truly addressed his anger issues it wouldn’t be as difficult for him to address the Rihanna situation. Also, Chris Brown and Charlie Sheen have very different situations. Charlie Sheen has gone on verbal tirades. Brown put his hands on a woman and there are photos to prove it. Many people remember that image of Rihanna’s bruised face when they see Chris Brown. As ignorant as Sheen is acting it still doesn’t compare to what Brown did.

    One thing him and Sheen do have in common is both appear to be completely unraveling. That is not a comforting thought. It is entertaining and makes for good gossip while these guys are acting a fool. When someone hurts themselves everything changes. I hope Chris Brown has someone in his circle that can get through to him and really force him to step back retake control of his life.