We’ve had enough time to recover from the season finale of Basketball Wives and really get our thoughts in order. And while there was a whole lot of wrong going on with the NBA/NFL-affiliated women, there was one thing in particular that really irked us.

Aside from the obvious drama between Evelyn and Tami, the flying cigarette butts and the tugging of hair- there was one woman who stood out. And it wasn’t for what she said or did; it was for what she didn’t

Through the cackling, the fights and the arguments there has been one consistent factor in all the ladies disputes and that is: Shaunie. With all her mediating and interventions, the queen bee is really channeling her inner Condeleeza.

We get that Shaq’s ex-wive is gaining off the show by being the herder for he VH1 reality show, but what we don’t get is why she didn’t stick with casting and then step aside. For the spotlight that she gets on the show, Shaunie has more than anything played the role of the woman who gets under our skin the most- the faux diplomat.

Sure, it may seem wrong to point out this one flaw in a cast that included cheaters, schemers and just plain wrong. But while all those women are carried to task for their issues, Shaunie should be called out for hers: she is straddling the fence and needs to hop over.

While Tami probably should have gone easy on the swinging, we get why she was upset. Funny enough, Shaunie would too. Remember the rumors about an affair between her ex-husband Shaq having an affair with Gloria’s sister? We do- we remember seeing how years after the fact, the hurt was ripping her to shreds. But yet, watching another woman deal with learning of similar news, Shaunie’s only contribution was a quiet line: “They may not know what you’re going through, but I do.”

Seeing Shaunie wedge herself in between ragecage Tami and firecracker Evelyn, reminds us that girl. You know the one: the girlfriend who is quick to nod along to both sides, encourages ‘finding the middle ground,’ and slow to give any hint of who she personally supports or doesn’t. She is all things to all people- a jack of all trades in managing sisterly love.

We’ve seen sister diplomats maneuver their way through years of friendship, priding themselves on “trying to do what’s best for everyone.” But friends who leave us in landmines and tip-toe their way out- we don’t need them on our team.

So, season summary: Faux diplomats make flighty friends- forget the sister who’s everybody’s friend and know the ones that are yours.

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  • Alexandra

    Watching the finale, I think Shaunie instigated the whole thing. She is aware of Tami’s personality, and she encouraged Evelyn to tell her knowing who she is. she seemed entertained by the whole fight.

  • TexasGrl

    I agree with you African Mami. Shaunie is using those girls. This show is a mess. All these real life show do is plant black women against each other when in reality we need each other. I think Shaunie is miserable and she really doesn’t care about any of them. Shaunie is going to the bank. But no matter how much money she has she will always be messy and miserable.I will really be happy when all of these shows are over and done. Shaquille is probally so embarrased by Shaunie. If I were him I would be.

  • Sassycritic

    It is shameful that grown women allow themselves to be portraited in such a negative lmage. There were no redeeming qualities for any of these tacky, pitiful, lowlife women…..who sleep around for cash (Evelyn)….This negative depiction of black women paints all women of color with the same broad brush. There should be an overall BOYCOTT of all shows that depict women in such a negative light.

  • Linda

    Shaunie was definitely the instigator on the show. Royce was too at the beginning of the season. I wish she would’ve stepped back and let the ladies just deal with each other. She was the one that shared Tami’s “food stamps” comment. She made matters worse by telling Evelyn to discuss the affair with Tami at that time. I don’t understand why she picked Jennifer’s birthday to discuss that.

    My choice would be not to get involved. That’s between them. I’ve been in situations where one friend bad-mouthed the other. My response is always well if you have a problem with her then talk to her. I don’t give an opinion. If you get involved nothing good comes from it.

  • Linda

    Here’s a link to the first couple of minutes of the reunion in case you’re interested http://www.vh1.com/video/play.jhtml?id=1659525

    I wonder what Shaunie is going to say during the show.