Unless you’ve been under a rock, by now you definitely know the answer to the question “Who is Esperanza Spalding?”

While the stand up bass prodigy has been a cult favorite for some (present company included) for quite some time, she has been gained wide-reaching exposure since taking home this year’s Grammy for Best New Artist.

Esperanza has been taking the new found recognition in stride, staying humble all the while. Recently the star opened up about her relationship another great musician, the legend behind “Adore” and “Purple Rain.”

“Prince is a very kind and intelligent person. We hit it off as friends at the same time we started jamming together, so his advice has always been musician to musician as well as from one friend to another. He gives me a lot of sound advice about navigating through the business side of music, and he’s always my critical listener when I have a new musical idea. And that’s not even mentioning his musical genius which is of course a continual source of inspiration.”

Can you imagine having Prince as your mentor? Girl is in great company.

One listen to Esperanza’s “Chamber Music Society” and it’s obvious why the newcomer has gotten the ear of Prince and other greats around the industry. It’s why the NARAS voted her as the best in this year’s new releases, in spite of threats of over zealous Beiber fans.

When asked how she aims to avoid the supposed ‘Best New Artist Curse’, Esperanza said:

“I don’t believe in curses. I’m only scared of not having enough time to practice as much as I need to!”

And that’s why we rock with this girl. Her next release “Radio Music Society” is slated for later this year and word is Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip will be doing some producing on the project.  Hopefully, with her head to the ground fans, old and new alike, will have some new material to delve into soon.

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  • Sam

    Her winning that award was what helped me discover her music. I’ve listened to her music, daily, ever since I googled her. Her music is pure love.