The search is finally over. Today, former Ebay Style Director, Constance White, was named Editor-in-Chief of Essence Magazine.

White has worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years, writing for a number venerable of publications such as The New York Times, British Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily, and Elle. She has also appeared as a fashion expert on a number of on popular TV shows including Oprah and Project Runway.

Last year, she was featured on Essence’s website and touted as being one of the preeminent voices in the fashion community.  According to the feature, White has a “genuine love for educating women on ways to look their stylish best.”

We can’t wait to see what she will bring to Essence.


What do you think of Essence’s decision to hire Constance White as EIC?


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  • The Taker

    Ah sooki sooki!!! Can wait to see what Ms.White willl bring to Essence. Maybe she’ll advocate for them to start putting models back on the cover and better fashion.

    Also, better articles and diversifying the topics in the magazine. Its always same topics and stories every month.

  • Essence for a while has been drab. I barely read the interviews and the style isn’t strongly captivating. I don’t know much about Constance White, but I have faith in her.

  • I LOVE it! I loved when she used to do Fashion Week coverage on NYCTV back in the day! Go Constance! I hope that she can turn things around with Essence and bridge the gap between older and younger black women. Every article doesn’t have to be about how to keep a man, keep your money, or tinged with religion. Not saying that those things aren’t valid topics in our community, but we’re about MORE than that…

    Good luck Constance! Whoop whoop!!

  • laron

    has anyone ever heard of SUEDE magazine? it was a fashion magazine by Essence back in 2004 but had to shut down because of cost its first year… i kept all my copies because that was one of hte best magazines i have ever seen. it was better than vogue+elle+bazaar combined..if it ever becomes that i will subscribe again

    • I DEFINITELY remember Suede. Me and my friends mourn the loss of that magazine as well. Honey was good too, but Suede was the best magazine for young women of color, hands down. I think they should it try again now. The market is way different than it was 8 years ago.