Buzz over a film adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s controversial bestselling book, “The Help” has been ongoing. But this week Hollywood insiders got their first glimpse of the film Tuesday at CinemaCon.

Held once a year in Las Vegas, CinemaCon brings together some of America’s wealthiest theatre owners. An industry only event, it allows producers and directors to gage reaction to the films they are looking to release.

The pieces of the films shown are often in their rough stage, with some studios opting to do behind the scenes features instead. And while footage of the film have not been released, reports from inside CinemaCon, the footage from ‘The Help,’  say the movie will take a direct swing at the racial and social debates that unfold within the Stockett’s books.

The movie features co-stars Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer Emma Stone and Bryce Dallas Howard as the central characters in Stocket’s 1960s drama. ‘The Help’ looks at the lives of Black domestic care workers in the South and juxtaposed the discrimination in their lives with their relationships with the white family (in this case Stockett’s family) that they work for.

While the novel has caused a good deal of uproar, that did not stop Oscar-nominated actress Viola Davis from getting on board. Speaking at CinemaCon, Davis said:

“For me, it works because it’s a story about women. The women are the heroes, the women are what drive the script, and they’re just ordinary…People who are considered ‘the help,’ the under-class, the poor, to actually put a microphone to their mouths and say, ‘Who are you?’ Instead of, ‘What are you going to do for me?’ Instead of demoralizing them, asking them who they are and stepping into their homes and lives.”

The movie is slated for release on August 12th. It’s going to be a hot summer for sure.

What are your thoughts on ‘The Help’? Do you plan to see it when it comes out? Share your thoughts Clutchettes!

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  • Culturally Aware

    I think this movie will be great! I will definately go to see it!

    During this era it was so common for these women to live those experiences. Thank God for civil rights and major changes in U.S. society, black women were able to gain new skills and move out of that profession.

    Today, domestic help here in the U.S. can be lucrative profession, if you are good at what you do. If you have great skills and work for a reputable agency you can make great money & benefits, similar to what’s offered in or sometimes even better than corporate America. Alot of immigrant women are making money in the domestic help area today because they focus on the money and less on the oppresiveness/low status of the profession.

  • Mlady

    I love Viola Davis as an actress so I would see it in a heartbeat.

    Also, It’s an interesting perspective, as the author of the novel is White and she claims she was raised by an African-American maid rather than her mother (although not uncommon at that time). But I’m slightly intrigued about the outlook White children who are raised primary by Black women have on life.

  • Jai

    The book made me laugh, cry and angry; I look forward to seeing this movie. Viola Davis is a great actress!

  • folasade

    I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I hope the film will live up to it!

  • I’ve been troubled by this book since reading the glowing review in the NYTimes a couple of years ago. A first-time author gets a 400-plus page book published? That’s unheard of. Something just didn’t set right about it. And then the lawsuit hit—A Maid Sees Herself in a Novel, and Objects.