Thanks, but no thanks. This was the reaction of Gabrielle Union when asked about the possibility of appearing on VH1’s reality show, ‘Basketball Wives.’ As we all know, the show has no requirement on being an actual spouse, but even if they gave her an offer the actress says that’s just not her style:

I pay my own bills, first off, so I’ve never put myself in a position to have to be jackass or to have to sell myself down the river for a reality show. I was just raised a little differently and my situation is a lot different being that I have my own career, my own celebrity status on my own, independent, and before him. But, I don’t knock anybody’s hustle, it’s just not my path.

Ms. Union also squashed rumors that she is pregnant with Dwayne Wade’s child. Uhm, false:

We’re just happy, so whatever comes down the road is down the road. And it’ll be in order. There would be a wedding before there would be a bambino, so all these reports of mystery babies that they like to keep giving me – there’ll be no baby until you’ve heard about a wedding.


LOL at ‘bambino.’

While we’ve certainly had our doubts given how this couple started out, things seem to be all good.  When they began, there were the nasty feuds and lawsuits from Dwayne Wade’s ex-wife, Siohvaughn. But it seems these days Gabby and Dwayne are moving through coupledom just fine.

Tell us what you think Clutchettes: do Gabrielle and D-Wade seem like theyre for keeps?

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  • Maurice

    Thank God a woman of class like Gabrielle said, “No!” Hopefully, this will be the beginning to stopping the foolishness just to get media attention.

  • i love that! I always saw Gab’s beauty and she definately confirmed to me that she has the morales with it. I always loose respect for these women, especially the basketball wives, when they have reality shows to add neon lights to their name. Gab proved that she is bigger than that and she has her stuff together. How can any of these basketball wives be taken seriously when they present themselves so ignorantly on tv. Gab i loved every word of it. You prove that there are still women out there that stay true to their better upbringing. Love it!!!!

  • Jenroses

    I Wish Them The Best And They Truely Look Good Together !

  • Cali

    THANK U, Gabby!

  • Jenn

    Nothing like being labeled somebody else’s wife to make you feel like an individual. Good for her