Jennifer Hudson has been turning heads on the red carpet since she began showing off her sexy, svelte figure several months ago. With a beautiful baby, handsome fiance, a powerhouse voice and a new album in stores, it’s only expected that she would have a jaw-dropping look for her album release party.

Jennifer boldly mixed a silvery smokey eye and a bold fuchsia lip with golden, sun-kissed sable skin. The result: The perfect makeup look for parties this Spring.

Here’s how to recreate the look step-by-step:

1. Start by applying a moisturizer with SPF to a clean face. This will help set your foundation for a long-lasting look with a glow.

2. Instead of applying the foundation right away, we will skip this step and start with those sultry smokey eyes. That way we won’t have to reapply the shadow if there’s any fallout from the eye shadow.

3. Cover your lids with eye shadow primer or concealer and let dry. Next, apply silver eye shadow to the entire lid. Go all the way up to the crease. For more of a saturated look pat the shadow onto the lid, instead of swiping it. For a disco-ball shine apply a loose silver pigment on top of the shadow.

4. Add a shimmery black shadow to the outer corner of your lid. Harsh lines are a no-no, so make sure to blend!

5. Define lash lines with black eyeliner and coat top and bottom lashes with a double-dose of mascara.

6. Use makeup wipes to clean up any fallout from the shadow and replace it. Feel free to reapply moisturizer to these areas.

7. Apply concealer to the face where needed.

8. Next, cover face in a mineralized foundation. Depending on the amount of glow that you want your look to have you can use your exact shade, or you can go a shade darker for a more dramatic look.

9. One of the best parts of a flawlessly made-up face is blush. Apply a warm, shimmery blush to the apples of your cheeks.

10. Next, dust a deep, golden bronzer along your cheek bones, and apply a very small amount to the apple of your cheeks for a little extra shimmer.

11. Add a pretty pink lipstick to your pout to give the perfect balance for your electric silver eyes and your sultry, sunkissed glow.

12. If you want to really go for the gold with your look, lightly dust your forehead, nose and cheeks with bronzer for a glitzy finish.

-Margaret Francois

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