Usher’s protege, Justin Bieber is not only famous for his natural muscial talents, but his signature hairdo. Earlier this week, the Grammy nominated singer got a haircut and his treasured tresses sold for $40,688 on eBay. Justin isn’t the only celebrity whose locks went for a hair raising price — Britney Spears’s blond extensions auctioned for $1.27 million back in 2007! Since celebrity hair seems to be a hot ticket item, we picked some stars that may be able to cash in on the craze.

Just for fun, how hefty of a price do you think these ladies’ hair would sell for?

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  • cherbear

    I can’t hate on Justin B I live 20minutes from Stratford, Ontario. I agree that no one wants some hand-me-down weave to buy online. Even if it’s from a celebrity. I don’t understand Britney’s hair! I wouldn’t touch that even after it’s been sanitized. hehe. Oprah’s hair could raise a lot of money. The rest can keep their weaves.

  • all of these steep prices just make me wonder: WHO in the world is buying this stuff??!?!?!