In my head, I imagine Ghostface is probably hilarious to be around. I mean his lyrics can be funny, real and absurdly blunt. While the rappers’ verses can make us chuckle, his tweets can have us dangerously close to LOL-ing with a snort.

Earlier this week, the latest display of hilarity came when Mr. Killah himself tweeted

“I need INTERNS…”

Less than 140 characters- short and sweet. But while his tweet may have given us another reason to laugh, we realize that for many Clutchettes, the real life search for internship experience is no joke at all.

In the past internships were a surefire way to get you in the door, let you see how things work in the industry you’re interested in and provide a stepping stone to employment. Well with the economy in flux and many hirers having panic attacks, things have changes. Top internships for college students have become more competitive than ever and sadly many have become ways for companies to cop some free and willing labor.

Looking for a great internship can be an overwhelming search so to help you weed out the exploits and gain valuable experience, we offer you these few tips:

Identify Your Interests

You know that “if you don’t know where you’re headed, you may not like where you end up” saying? Well, it definitely applies to your internship hunt as well. Identify what courses, subjects, topics resonate with you and try to look for opportunities along that path.

Apply Early

Ok, so tough love. Your toughest competition for summer internships? The folks who’ve sent their applications in already. Companies and organizations are looking to feel sure about the next quarter as soon as they can- so get on with it! Most employers require a resume/CV and a cover letter at the very least, so start putting together your materials today and getting them out ASAP.

DIY For real

See a place you’d love to learn from, but don’t see an “Internship” tab on their website? Email them your info and let them know your interested regardless. It can’t hurt and if you truly show your passion, you may end up with an experience no one else will be able to match

Be Upfront

Some internships require full-time applicants some require part-time. Some offer a travel stipend, some don’t. Some offer school credit, others won’t. Some pay, most don’t. If you have questions on any of the conditions of a position or hesitations about being able to make it work- voice them. You don’t want to be struggling through the experience with silent complaints instead of putting your best foot forward. Know the expectations and honestly ask yourself if you can make this work.

Got it? Good. Now? Be Great.

This should go without saying but to cover all our bases we’ll say it here: You’ve landed an internship, not a pass. Be phenomenal from the minute you walk in the door. You’re there to learn so no one expects you to know everything, but they do expect you to be smart enough to ask or research what you don’t know. It’s easy to want to take a minute to just relax, but if you let up in the short time you’re there how will they know you could be worth writing a letter of recommendation letter for or hiring down the line? Begin building a case for your success and don’t stop till it’s sky high.

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  • MLady

    When I read the title I got all defensive thinking you were going to talk smack about Ghostface (I’m a die hard fan), but the article is will written with some good advice…so no offense taken lol

  • WoMan

    This is the same guy (Ghostface Killah) that said some of the most misogynistic things about women last year and never apologized or had any regret.

    “That’s what’s wrong with our people and shit…They put our women equal to men. We’re not equal.”

    Not to say he should have regret, but really your asking women to apply for an internship with him??? I know this mentioned in shtick, but c’mon now…

  • mmmmm, this spoke to my soul. I’m looking for that great internship right NOW, almost 3 years out of college still trying to get that experience that can only be gained amongst seasoned professionals. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but I’m still hanging on. And I applied for the Ghostface internship yesterday, LOL, that’s why I HAD to read this. My affections for Ghost run deep though, so if I ended up getting the internship I wouldn’t be mad, but I don’t know how ‘professional’ it would be……..

    • MLady

      LOL @ “I don’t know how ‘professional’ it would be”……I feel you on that one ;)

      Good luck with all your applications!

  • Liah

    Man I had no idea that searching for a paid internship is as exhausting as looking for a job. I’ve applied to numerous internships and have yet to hear from any of them.