People go to church for many things: To find God, to get counseling, to discover peace, to find a new relationship, or even to fix a broken one. But rarely do people go to church to get advice on sex. However, an Indiana church hopes to change that.

The Blended Church, in Indianapolis, Indiana, wants to help its members enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life…as long as they’re within a committed marriage, of course.

Through the initiative, “The Empty Sex Series,” the church aims to help people “maintain a healthy marriage” by reclaiming the sanctity and beauty of sex.

Because the church claims over 50% of married people are not satisfied with their sex lives, it wants to help its members have more fulfilling relationships, and yes, hotter sex.

The church’s website posits the program like this:

“You would think with all the information out there about sex, that this number [of those dissatisfied with sex] would be lower.

The reality is that sex is in the movies, on the internet and in magazines. People are joking about it at the office water coolers. Sex seems to be everywhere, but is anybody really talking about it — seriously?

Sex is the greatest, but what if what we don’t know about sex is actually keeping us from a fulfilled sex life?”

I find it refreshing that the Blended Church wants to speak so openly about sex with its parishioners. I just wish more churches and religious organizations would tackle controversial issues that plague many of our communities, not by judging and placing blame, but by helping people receive the information, services, and guidance they truly need.

What do you think about the Blended Church’s “No Empty Sex” campaign?




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  • Adri

    Love this! This is in my hometown! :) See! Christians do know what’s really important. ;)

  • I shared this article with my mother and below were her comments! CLASSIC!! I sooo love her! She ALWAYS keeps it sooo real…

    “I think it is RIGHT ON! We need help sometimes identifying what is important and why. When you are HAPPY sexually, stress is LESS ! You OWE it to yourself to be pleased and refreshed! It somehow gives you strength to bear some of the BS life throws at you! Most of the time, it was at a marriage retreat that this was discussed in detail. God knew what He was doing when He created sex…can you imagine how long a climax would last if we had control?…People would be “O/D”ing on sex! Ha! HA! Greedy-butt humans! Doesn’t last but a few seconds for a reason!”