From The BVX – Lupe Fiasco will release his oft-delayed new LP ‘Lasers’ March 8, and while we aren’t expecting much sinceeven he hates this album, here’s our track-by-track review. Pray for us.

‘Letting Go’ featuring Sarah Green

The album begins with ominous keys as Green sings that “things are getting out of control.” Let’s get this pity party started.

‘Words I Never Said’ feat. Skylar Grey

Skylar, the same singer from Dr. Dre‘s questionable “I Need A Doctor” featuring Eminem, shows up for ‘Words… ‘ as Lupe rhymes that “the war on terror is a bunch of bullsh–.” The staccato beat pushed on by organs just sounds like he’s trying to recapture the intelligence of his debut “Food & Liquor” …which isn’t possible.

‘Till I Get There’

We understand that Atlantic Records was mean when they shelved his album and all but this just sounds like an unenthusiastic pep talk over pithy keys and lazy drums. This isn’t the definition of #winning © Charlie Sheen.

‘I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now’ feat. MDMA

Between electronic synthesizers, fast drums and echoing rhymes, this immediately conjures Common’s “Universal Mind Control” album where the Chicago veteran wanted international club spins and lost his core fanbase. Don’t do it Lu. And while MDMA is usually a drug that makes people happy, here the dance music group makes us very sad because their self-described “Afro-beat-other” style isn’t a good mix with Lupe’s curmudgeon lyrics.

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  • whit

    Guess I just need to hear this for myself. I really want to support Lupe. This review is a little on the light side, I just expected a little more detail. A if Lupe isn’t really supporting it….should I?