Admittedly, I’m not the biggest Lil’ Wayne fan. I don’t own any of his albums and besides the few lines I do know from his incessant radio play, I really don’t take a great deal of interest in the rapper. But for fans that do, yesterday was a big day- with the Young Money boss making his first on-air appearance following being released from jail over a month ago.

Hot 97’s Angie Martinez Show was the site of the “Welcome Home Weezy” party as the rapper told of his plans to retire at 35, defended his love for Eric Benet’s “Sometimes I Cry,” admitted he hadn’t listened to either Drake or Nicki Minaj’s albums in full and confessed his love for the girls from MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

During the interview Lil’ Wayne told Martinez:

“I just started watching ‘Jersey Shore,'” he continued in his defense, before breaking down his favorite characters on the reality show. “The other day, Vinny had a ‘free Weezy’ shirt on. I rock with Vinny. I like Dina and Angelina and Jenny. Now, if I catch one of them, it’s on. I like Dina’s swag cause she’s loud. Jenny, she could get it. When she goes out and throws them dresses on…she could get it.”

Wayne’s confession seemed to really hit a nerve with folks- especially sisters who felt that the rapper’s love for the less than classy ladies from the shore was a slap in the face. And while I may be slightly confused over the hype over Wayne as a rapper, I am completely befuddled over the fallout over his preference on who he wants to take to his bed. Why? Because simply put- not being Lil’ Wayne’s type is not a hit to my ego. It is absolutely, positively fine by me.

From the moment the rapper uttered the line “Beautiful black woman, I bet that b*tch look better red,” I was over it. When word came out that Wayne told a Black woman, “My daughter is a dark skinned millionaire, that’s the difference between her and you,” I was over it. Because real talk: if that’s his preference then that’s just what it will be.

I understand the feelings of outrage and frustration over the comments. I do. But I think smart women really need to take a step back and reevaluate the things we let get us upset. I mean honestly, not being the kind of woman Lil’ Wayne thinks would be a good groupie is in some way a reverse compliment. So why are we really trying to discredit that?

For all the qualities that smart, kind Black women possess, it’s hard to see why any of us would care if a man we don’t want thinks otherwise. If a ten-year old girl can argue for her self worth over Lil’ Wayne’s ignorance, then I see no reason why I as a grown woman need to be in a tiff.

Tell us what you think Clutchettes is Lil’ Wayne’s preference for the Jersey Shore girls a reason for sisters to be upset?

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  • too much women stuff on this mags.. I’M OUT

  • i shouldnt care but… i kind of do. its only because hes Black, he has at least two or three Black baby mamas (Nivea, Lauren London, and his oldest daughters mom) and has Black, female children that he has been known to say ‘would look better Red.’ now this. he clearly has some serious color issues… and he has a LOT of clout on the impressionable youth coming up. its so sad and disheartening to see the self-hate going on here and wonder what the MILLIONS of kids that do listen to his lyrics and interviews for guidance are thinking