• While I don’t ever condone violence, sometimes bullies need to be put in their place. And one kid found out that sometimes the quiet ones are exactly the ones you need to watch out for. After being provoked and punched by a smaller boy, one middle-schooler retaliated with a body slam that would make any professional athlete proud. [World Star Hip-Hop]

  • No, the term “educated rappers” is not an oxymoron. Despite the nonsense some may kick in their rhymes, several of rap’s finest are the proud recipients of college degrees. Luda, David Banner, Chuck D, Guru, and M.I.A. are just some of hip-hop’s degreed crew. Who else is on the list? Check it here. [Good Magazine]
  • Will Qaddafi win? With the situation in Libya worsening many worry that the Libyan dictator will prevail. Despite some being unsure about whether or not the United States should intervene in the situation, some are saying that the U.S. should ignore the “realists” and get involved in the conflict. Although we are already involved in two wars in the Middle East, political critic Christopher Hitchens says that if we do nothing, “the situation can only get worse” and America will be to blame.  [Slate]
  • Tyra Banks is doing it big. After enrolling in Harvard Business School to brush up on her skills and grow her empire even further, the fashion icon hit the New York Stock Exchange this morning to ring the opening bell. Tyra introduced her new venture, Type F, to the brokers at the exchange. Even though she’s 37 and is already a pretty formidable businesswoman, we love that Tyra isn’t afraid to do what she’s needs to do (even if it requires sharing a dorm with youngsters) to make her business even better [The YBF]




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  • EmpressDivine

    That bully video was something else! I almost felt sorry for the bully @ the end the way he was stumbling around like he had on beer goggles.

  • African Mami

    1,) Nice!
    2.) I’ve always liked D-Banner, he is very well spoken too. Nice!
    3.) America mind your own business, ain’t no need of interfering. Gaddafi is one crazed motherfucker
    4.) Nice!