Embattled Libyan dictator Mommar Gaddafi still has a few friends left. Despite losing the support of most of his country’s people and the world at large, Minister Louis Farrakhan says he still considers the dictator a friend.

In an address during the Nation of Islam’s Savior’s Day celebration, the 77-year-old leader said he isn’t ready to give up on Gaddafi just yet. The two have been friends ever since Farrakhan visited Lybia in 1980, and Minister Farrakhan said that the world, and particularly the U.S., needs to stay out of Libya’s business.

He told the audience on Sunday, “I’m warning you this is a Libyan problem, let the Libyans solve their problem.”

Many have found it increasingly difficult to remain silent and “let the Libyans solve their problems” on their own, as Minister Farrakhan suggests. Reports continue to pour out of the country that Gaddafi and his armed forces are killing and torturing protestors, and some have even said that he should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. But Minister Farrakhan argued that if the Libyan leader is prosecuted for war crimes, George W. Bush should also be charged for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

During his speech, Minister Farrakhan also had a few words of advice for President Obama:

What you see happening there, you’d better prepare because it will be coming to your door, America.”

Farrakhan added, “I hope that President Obama will remember his instructions to all nations — be careful how you attack and kill innocent people who are protesting. Take your own words into your bosom and be reminded when it comes to your home.”

What do you think? Is it right for Minister Farrakhan to continue to stand with Gaddafi or should he encourage his friend to step down?


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  • ed

    i am so sick and tired of people who always listen to the media and believe only in the media when they report lies…most of you who are critical of Minister Farrakhan have a go along get along mentality..and have not heard or listened to a entire speech of his…and you draw a conclusion to what the media says…Well i went to see him and He is not anti semitic, anti-christian, or anti-homophobic…what are you afraid of…He has not killed, steal ..he has not avocated murder of any people. White people it seems like you’ve had a natural hate in your heart for blacks and anybody whose not white…proof i have read your history and it is written in blood…and i know you don’t want to be reminded of this…but how else are you going to have real change in your heart. as a black person i don’t hate you…i don’t have time to hate you and you know We ,Blacks, don’t have time to hate You….America is Falling.. i gotta follow minister farrakhan! We got Family Building to do! I am A Real Christian and Strong in My Faith And Love Minister Farrakhan!…Amen!…I Heard Farrakan For Myself! Thank You Jesus I Did Not Listen To The Media/Gossip/Propaganda…and socalled christian pastors.

  • if we look at the world and the way it is headed i am very afaid to look in the future of america an our people we are falling into the belly of the beast. Madness and sadness IS ALL AROUND US! WE live in fear of knowing the truth about life GOD an the real heaven. WE are afraid to challege ourselves to do an be the people we are supose too. IT is easy for black people to critize an put one another down always looking for the bad or whats wrong with this or that person. LOOK at the time we are living in the Minster is our light in darkness to see past satans world finding the GOD force inside us and guideing our spirits back to the father who is in heaven back to the right side of HIM GOD!!!!!

  • Shahida Muhammad

    You can not always believe what you hear in mainstream media. The media has a way of creating propaganda to persuade public opinion in a certain direction. Let’s not forget this is the same country where members of the MOVE organization were bombed and killed (in Philadelphia) by the police department because they did not agree with the organization’s views. There are many dissatisfied people and protests in this country, would another country be able to come here and demand that the President step down? I think not.