Any sister doing it for herself can relate.  According to a recent article from the Christian Science Monitor, women now make up 40% of entrepreneurs.  And even as the numbers for women entrepreneurs approached that of their male counterparts, these women are not trying to join the boy’s club.

Speaking on the major differences between the new female entrepreneurs and the men who have dominate the category for years, author Erin Albert, said:

“Women, especially Generations X and Y, want to make their business and personal lives and aspirations work more in harmony,”

The motivation for the female entrepreneur is more than money- it is achieving that ever elusive work-life balance.  For this reason Albert says that women are specializing in what she calls, the ‘lifestyle business.’

Albert found that the two major components of the successful lifestyle business were: a pursuit deliberately based on your goals, aspirations and values and an intentional reflection of the lifestyle you’d like to live. Turns out all that mumbo jumbo about ‘doing what you love’ translates after all.

In her study of women entrepreneurs, Albert found women would deliberately limit the growth of their businesses to allow themselves time to pursue interests beyond the office. Whether is it spending time with their family, church or in their community- women want to be able to pursue other personal interests such as hobbies or travel.

If the female entrepreneur is in, then the sloppy bun, ragged, over stressed worker bee is out.  Unfortunately for most of us- it can seem as if there is no way to escape the financial constraints of being the workaholic.

As the workweek continues, we want to step outside your worker bee mentality and step into the lifestyle you imagine.  What does it feel like in that space?

During yoga, my instructor referenced a quote from I have loved since I was in high school and it comes to mind on this Tuesday morning, I wish was the end of the week:

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Share your thoughts with us Clutchettes- is becoming an entrepreneur one of your dreams or one of your goals?  What are you doing to get there now?




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  • LaTrina

    Thank you for this piece. I’m a graduate student now and the reality of what I really want to do with my life is slowly and painfully setting in; and it’s definitely not sitting in a classroom for the rest of my life (Kudos to teachers though!). I realize that we all have the power to harness and actualize our own dreams. The everyday is so beautiful because we never know what will happen.Thank you again and again. Please post more “Morning Motivation”.

  • I’m a female entrepreneur! DeDe you inspire me! You are my muse. Much continued success to you :) And thanks Leslie for the article!