While she is being hailed by some as the new “Queen of Soul,” many of my girlfriends, have remained skeptical of Adele. It’s a big claim to put before women of color given the legendary women who helped build the genre and crafted it along. I know that I did go kind of heavy as her personal brand ambassador when I moved back from London, but I felt that someone else needed to feel what I felt the first time I hear her perform live.

This week, old and new converts alike are showing they are feeling Adele, with her album “21” ruling the charts despite the competition. And while folks may not want to add her to the next legend-we-love-and-revere tribute, the singer’s chops speak for themselves.

Last Friday, Adele’s VH1 Unplugged ran, showcasing the singer’s range, ability and yes, soul. However, it was one of the songs she left from her VH1 set that has had my heart in my throat every time I hear it.



“But I set fire to the rain/Watched it pour as I touched your face/Well it burned while I cried/Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name.”

Not only is the lyric genius, Adele is speaking a truth that any woman can relate to- letting go of someone who is not meant to be in your life. Whether in our romantic relationships or in our friendships, we all have faced the agony of facing someone who stands in the way of your happiness. Setting fire to the rain is the choice to burn the unhealthy relationships that in better moments seem impossible to let go of. We all at some point will have to learn to forget hurt in order to forgive, but too often we forgive continually not realize we aren’t being treated as we should. As difficult as it can be to see, sometimes choosing to say we don’t deserve someone who doesn’t believe we’re worth being treated like our best selves.

It’s not just real, it’s pretty soulful stuff as well.

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  • I love love love Adele! I love her music, her spirit, her look…she’s comfortable in her own skin. What more can we ask of an artist like this. As far as the title “Queen of Soul”, if it’s deserved then it is, but race should not play a role into this at all.

    It sucks that there are many black women that can blow like this but are overlooked b/c it is expected (as another person commented) but in the industry they can’t take in every black woman that has a powerful/soulful voice like this. There needs to be an uniqueness in every artist. Bash me if you want to, but imagine a music industry that was accepting of all black women that had a powerful/soulful voice….most of us would be bored b/c they’ll all sound alike/similar

  • Lyoness

    I’ve loved Adele since I got her first album ’19’ as an import!! I didn’t even know people were making an issue of her race or whatever. I’ve gotten SO many co-workers on Adele and Duffy. It’s funny because someone else said earlier how much they loved Florence + The Machine… One of my linesisters got me hooked on Florence. Blinding is my SONG!!!

    For me, I just realized that the last few artists that I’ve REALLY listened to have been British… no matter the color. They just must be putting out quality music. Adele, Duffy, Corinne Bailey Rae, Estelle, The Noisettes, Florence + The Machine, Amy Winehouse and Marsha Ambrosius, VV Brown… The Brits are killing it!