While there have been many flashes in the pan, few actresses have had the consistency of Nia Long.  And even with her success, the actress has remained as humble as when she first came in the game.  Yesterday, on “The View,” Nia Long showed why she is the star we’ve always loved.

While acting as a special guest host, Nia publicly thanked Whoopi for her advice she gave her 18 years ago when the two were shooting the film ‘Made in America.’

After getting through a five-round audition process, Nia says Whoopi told her ‘You know you got the role.’  The boost of confidence meant the world to the young star who says making that film was a huge moment for her career.

According to Nia, Whoopi told her that she had a future in acting but needed to toughen up and develop “a second layer of skin.”  Nia said through the years she spent a lot of time waiting, checking and asking herself “is it here yet?” After many years in the game, the actress gave thanks to Whoopie for planting the seed of faith in her.

It’s refreshing to hear Nia talk about wondering when her second layer of skin would come in.  It’s a question I know many of us can relate to.  As someone who can often feel more sensitive than I’d like, it’s good to know that even strong women have gone through a process to get to that point.

Nia also set a classy example showing the importance of saying thank you.  No matter how long ago it was, she remembered Whoopi’s advice and was sure to show her that she was truly grateful.  It makes me remember to show my appreciation for the women in my life who have guided me along the way.

Tell us Clutchettes- what has been piece of advice you’ve gotten from a mentor that you’ve been most grateful for?


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  • Ramona

    NIA ROCKS!!! I can always see that she has such a humble soul. Loves her!

  • EmpressDivine

    That was sweet!

  • Alexandra

    That was very nice! Nia’s awesome.
    Love her & Whoopi :)

  • Jai

    Nia hasn’t aged a bit, check out her on The View http://www.hulu.com/watch/220284/the-view-tue-mar-1-2011#s-p1-so-i0

  • zy

    Aw, I remember that movie, it was cute! Nia rocks because not only is she talented, she’s humble. i wish her continued success.