It seems every time we want to give 50 Cent a chance, the rapper reminds us why that would be a bad idea.

On Friday, 50 took to Twitter to speak about the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami that had hit Japan just hours before. The rapper started out with a seemingly empathetic approach asking his 4 million followers to “Look at Japan tell the people you value you love them.”

But 50’s humanitarian side was quickly forgotten when he started tweeting some less than savory comments on the tragedy:

When some of his followers expressed their outrage about his tweets, 50 retorted with this:

“Some of my tweets are ignorant I do it for shock value. Hate it or love it. I’m cool either way 50cent.”

We can’t say what’s in 50’s heart, but that response didn’t exactly convey remorse.

While the rapper may think that events in Japan are valid material for his insensitive jokes, the situation in the country has continued to deteriorate as the weekend has gone on.

Latest estimates put the death toll over 10,000 and engineers are still racing to combat the threat of multiple nuclear reactor meltdowns. Across the country, millions remain without access to shelter, food and water.  In an address to his nation, Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan said the country was facing its worst crisis since World War II.

Tell us what you think about 50 Cent’s tweets on the tragedy in Japan?  Will the backlash force the rapper to make a real apology?

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  • Lauren

    And another thing I’m sick to death of this black people should know ‘better’ attitude. Please people of other races like Carlos Mencia say hateful crap about us ALL the time yet I never hear any complaining about THAT! Any excuse to attack a rapper I guess.

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  • Tim

    Look. What’s wrong is what’s wrong and that’s the end of the story–it doesn’t matter if he’s a rapper, black man, former drug dealer, male, straight or even just a basic human being–but it’s a free country where people can express their opinions freely. My point is that if you’re able to voice your opinions about him, then he’s able to voice his jokes about that as freedom of speech goes both ways and it has nothing to do with any of the characteristics which I have listed about him as a white, gay, straight-edged politician could have joked about this(I listed these characteristics with no issues towards them, simply that they effectively oppose the afore-mentioned ones) and people should be equally-offended over that. Race doesn’t depict personality, personality depicts race.