Hollywood seems to be in a creative funk lately. From the rumored remakes of “The Bodyguard” and “A Star is Born,” to the constant churning out of sequels (uh, just how many “Saw” films will they make?), the film industry seems like its stuck in a creative rut.

Last year, Boston Globe writer Wesley Morris wondered why more books by Black authors haven’t made it to the big screen. In his article, “Can’t Hollywood Swing for the ‘Fences’?” Morris asks, “Where is the book of Ellison? Where, for that matter, are any of the promising films to be made from hundreds of years of black writing?”

To be fair a few books from Black authors have made it to be big screen. “Precious,” “Beloved,” and “Cotton Comes to Harlem,” are just a few that come to mind, but what about the thousands of works by Black authors that seem so perfect for the screen (“Feminista” for example), yet don’t ever seem to make it there?

Like everything else, Hollywood centers on making money. Love him or hate him Tyler Perry is able to make films because people support him at the box office. If we let the film industry know we want to see something other than Madea or yet another remake, they can’t help but come around.

So Clutchettes and Gents, what books by Black authors would you like to see adapted for the big screen?


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  • Gigi Young

    You fail to mention that Tyler Perry didn’t make blockbuster movies and have Hollywood greenlighting all of his spec scripts overnight. He started cheap, on the “chitlin’ circuit”, gradually building his reputation, his brand, and his bank account, before he became a CC superstar, which was when Hollywood came a-knocking. I can point to Spike Lee as well, who made his first movie on a shoe-string budget. This obviously means that black people need to take the bull by the horn and do it themselves. Stop waiting for and wondering why Hollywood doesn’t make a diverse array of black films and start hustling for ourselves.

    • anon-e-mouse

      I’m pretty sure that wasnt mentioned because that wasnt the point of the article

  • SF

    Sasha’s Way by Scott Haskins, A Promise to Preserve by Michael Miller, January Girl Goldie Taylor & others by Toni Morrison!

  • Jaslene

    The Darkest Child (can’t remember the author), Caucasia or Symptomatic by Danzy Sena or The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. So many I want to produce one day.