A week after Carmelo Anthony signed to the Knick’s, sources say he and wife La La Vasquez are on the hunt for a new pad.  Local New York blog, My Upper West, is reporting that La La, along with her and Carmelo’s son Kiyan, took a tour of The Aldyn building, a swanky new apartment building in the neighborhood.

According to press release from The Aldyn’s opening, the building holds 286-units,  overlooks the Hudson River, boasts the city’s “largest residential athletic club,”  complete with “yoga, Pilates, personal training and Kinesis rooms, as well as a 75-foot swimming pool, a 38′ rock climbing wall, full size basketball and squash courts, a bowling alley and golf simulator.”

The couple will not only be looking for a home for their young family, but also an informal one for the crew that will be filming Vasquez’s new VH1 reality show, La La’s Full Court Life, which will follow the couple’s move from Denver all the way to the concrete jungle.  The detail matters as the shuffling of an entire production crew will affect the residents of whichever luxury complex Melo and La La do choose.

According to the New York Post, the two have looked at properties in Downtown Manhattan as well, including 158 Mercer Street — the same building where rocker Jon Bon Jovi lives and where Bernie Madoff’s son, Mark, committed suicide.  The couple is looking for rentals in the $30,000 range per month.

We know, but get your jaw off the ground as we proceed…

While that number may seem astronomical for a rental property, one should keep in mind that the first hinge of the Knicks’ new big three, Amare Stoudemire rents his West Village condo for $37,500 a month.

Some New Yorkers have argued that with the Knicks investment in both players, they least they could do is invest in New York State by owning property instead of renting it.  While it is a point for debate, watching Melo and La La go apartment hunting raises an issue that both ballplayers and non-ballers alike must face.

While renting is not always cast as the best long-term option, in this recession some are saying that in larger cities, it is the better way to go.   According to CNN Money, in Manhattan, “despite very high rents, an average of more than $42,000 for a two-bedroom apartment. Gotham selling prices are so astronomical — $1.38 million for a two-bedroom condo — that it still makes more sense to rent.”

The rumors that La La has an irresponsible spending habit may continue to swirl, but in this case she seems to be making the more financially savvy choice.

Melo and La La’s budget probably doesn’t seem to have the limitations that most of us have, so we’re asking you: faced with the options to rent or buy, which do you choose Clutchettes?

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  • Jenroses

    Let’s Look At This Logic From Where I Am Standing. You Purchase A House -Fine-No Mortgage To Pay, But You Have A Gas Bill, Electric Bill, Water Bill, Property Tax Bill, House Service Bill, Security Bill, Nosy Neighbors. Then You Have An Apartment For Rent – 30,000 Dollars – Let’s Hope All Is Included…… No?