Ever wonder what a parody of our favorite Housewives would look like? Last night, 30 Rock acted that fantasy out.

The NBC sitcom shook up Thursday night by turning their usually snarky half an hour into a homage to the faux and real drama of reality show. Poking fun at the Bravo franchise, Sherri Shepherd joined Tina Fey and the rest of the show’s cast for a night of wine throwing, table flipping and catfights galore.

The episode was framed as a reality show, Queen of Jordan, starring Shepherd- who plays Tracy Jordan’s wife, Angie on the show. Shepherd played a combination of Nene Leaks and Sheree’s “Who Gon’ Check Me Boo?!” days with a soft side as well. Her entourage, included a Dwight clone, named D’Fawn. For her part, Fey channeled her inner Jersey housewife, flipping over tables and repeating the infamous “thick as thieves” line.


While I personally thought the entire thing was all in good fun- I’ve heard more than a few folks express outrage saying the recreation was offensive. All in all, the episode was a creative parody of the series that has become huge part of the fabric of pop culture over the past few years.

Clutchettes, what’s your take on 30 Rock poking fun at the Bravo franchise? Tell us what you think!

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