With all the international news storylines on our front pages and television screens, the water crisis affecting 1.8 million people living in Kenya has not received the coverage needed to raise public awareness or funds. But our girl Solange is using her gift to help put Kenya’s people in the forefront of our minds.

Solange Knowles recently partnered with The Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) to record the track “Kenya.” The song is co-written by Solange Knowles, Chris Taylor and Twin Shadow.


Founded by The Coca Cola Africa Foundation, RAIN is a $30 million initiative to provide over 2 million people in Africa with access to drinking water by 2015. The initiative brings together business, local government, NGOs, and committed individuals to help tackle the water crisis in Kenya and across the continent.  So far, the program has partnered with the United States Agency for International Development to start 34 water projects in 19 countries.

The droughts in Kenya have affected the lives of nearly 2 million people coping to find water for themselves and their families. Without being able to keep themselves alive, many in Kenya’s rural areas have been unable to maintain the livestock that earn them money. The lack of water has also led to extremely high rates of absences for school children, with some districts reporting as many as 70% of students missing school.

While Kenya is not a stranger to droughts, this one has struck along with the global economic crisis and many are finding their livelihoods hanging by a thread. All proceeds from Solange’s “Kenya” will be used to provide access to clean water and sanitation resources to people in need not only in Kenya but across the continent as well.

Solange is really living the phrase, “Black gives back.” So often we see white celebrities actively championing causes affecting people of color around the world. While it is often suggested that black celebrities are not as involved in philanthropy, Solange is disproving the notion. The singer-songwriter is using her talents for a great cause and we could not be more proud.

To learn more about RAIN and how you can help those affected by the droughts, please visit the initiative’s website here.

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  • African Mami

    Ahsante sana Solange!!

  • Lizz

    Love what she is doing,and hope she goes futher and highlights the damage the multinational companies have done to the underground water system through out Africa and one last thing ,for her own sake I hope she has knowledge of how Coca-cola runs their empire in developing nations,just hope my continent will not experience what took place in India, otherwise she will get more than the Beyonce (libya) expirience.

  • Jennifer

    I am sure there are a lot of middle class and wealthy black Americans that contribute their time and resources to the developing world; but as for black celebrities, I don’t think they do as much as their white counterparts and I often find them embarrassingly, woefully uninformed. Exceptions to this rule: Oprah, Jay-Z, Don Cheadle, Alicia Keys, and apparently, Solange.

    I do think a lot more black celebrities contribute time and money to causes at home, where there is still a very strong need, but there is capacity to do more at home and abroad. I just want them to stop referencing Africa (e.g. Beyonce), because they seem to know even less than their white colleagues, which is just embarrassing.