First there was Facebook. Then, soon Twitter took over as the social media obsession of choice. But of course, there’s always that new craze itching to take the number one technology spot. Lately, the fashion industry has been gravitating towards Tumblr.

Not familiar with Tumblr? Here’s a quick summary. Tumblr started as microblogging site but with no character limit, it allows for more text than Twitter.

The site encourages users to post multiple times a day where re-blogging is the best way to spread the word about your blog. In 2009, Tumblr was even named to President Obama’s Top 5 Tech Tools in PC World. The site has a heavy focus on image sharing as well.

So what does fashion have to do with Tumblr? “Over the past year, fashion has emerged as one of the fastest growing segments of the Tumblr community, with 20% of our top 1000 blogs related to fashion—the fashion community on Tumblr is valuable to brands,” Rich Tong said earlier this year. Because of the growing popularity of fashion on Tumblr, Rich Tong has recently been named Tumblr’s Fashion Director. Tumblr’s founder David Karp told TechCrunch “Tumblr wants to be the best place in the world for the best creative community with fashion at the core of this focused strategy.”

Even after making my own Tumblr, I’m always looking for more fascinating pages to follow. So I’ve put together the Top 10 Tumblr’s of Color that you should know:

1) Models of Color

An endless stream of fabulous photos of diverse models from all over the globe.

2) Gabi Fresh

If you are a fan of Gabi’s blog ‘Young, Fat & Fabulous,’ you’ll love her daily postings of fun outfits with great picture quality, answers to reader questions and funny GIF’s.

3) Necole Bitchie

Who isn’t familiar with Necole Bitchie, the beautiful blogger whose site is the go-to source for black celeb news? Always ahead of the trend, Necole created a Tumblr page where she interacts with her audience on a personal level.  She posts her latest fashion pictures, motivational quotes and fun updates from her adventures in NYC and LA.

4) Black Vintage

For beautiful photos of black vintage models and fashion, and historical facts dating back to the 1800s, look no further than Black Vintage. Whether educating yourself on the Harlem Renaissance or iconic models like Donyale Luna, this Tumblr’s got it all.

5) Afrobella
PhotobucketOne of the first successful bloggers of color, Afrobella’s Tumblr serves as a visual mood board with inspiring images of natural-haired beauties, uplifting quotes and funny personal anecdotes.

6) Black Fashion
PhotobucketBlack Fashion is one of the most popular fashion pages on Tumblr as it celebrates all the beauty and uniqueness of black style. Follow them for rare photos of supermodels and stunning images of real fashion folks.

7) Inny Vinny

Women who love vintage fashion are probably familiar with fashion blogger, Alicia, who created Inny Vinny (Instant Vintage). Her Tumblr is the go-to source for cool vintage finds and her comedic rants.

8 ) Style is Style

Fab blogger Lydia from Style is Style chronicles the outfits she uniquely pieces together and fun fashion photos on her addictive Tumblr page.

9) Natural Hair Rules

When going natural, nothing’s more fun than getting hair inspiration from exquisite photos and Natural Hair Rules is one of the best places on Tumblr to do just that.

10) Lori Cotton

Lori created ‘His and Hers Chicago‘ and the Tumblr serves as a real-time version of the site, uniquely offering a musing of both her and her boyfriends’ fashion sense.

Do you “Tumble”? Who are your favorite Tumblr’s of color?

-Christina Thomas

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  • kay

    Black people need to stop co-opting the term “of color”. If this is a list of bloggers of color, where are the Latina, Asian, and native girls? We need to be coming together as minorities. A Latina friend once joked to me that Black people think they are the king of the minorities. And from this hegemonic word stealing, it appears that she was right.

  • Kb

    I am black, but it’s not really something I refer to, still it’s nice to know that there are all sorts of races blogging and adding a little variety to the landscape. My blog is and my Tumblr is Thanks for sharing new blogs to read!