We haven’t had an entry into the WTF Files for a minute, but this one clearly fits the bill.

A New York man was recently arrested after he assaulted a woman over a parking space.

According to police, after being upset he couldn’t park in a spot held by Lana Rosas (she stood in the space holding it for her boyfriend), Oscar Fuller allegedly hit her so hard she “flew off her feet,” hit her head on the pavement, and instantly slipped into a coma.

Despite being more than six inches taller and 50 pounders heavier (Fuller is 5’7” and 150 lbs., Rosas is 4’11” and barely 100 lbs.), Fuller said he hit Rosas in self-defense.  According to Fuller, after approaching her “calmly,” Rosas struck him in the face “four or five times” without warning.

Fuller’s story gets even more interesting, however. After seeing Rosas’ boyfriend running toward him, he claims he punched Ms. Rosas “out of reflex” and ran away. He even attended a birthday party later that evening.

“I saw a guy running toward me,” Fuller said according to the NY Daily News. “I hit the girl, jumped into my car and pulled off.”

Despite claiming he is a “person who believes in God” and “would not want to take a person’s life,” his victim, Lana Rosas is fighting for hers. Doctors had to remove part of her skull to relieve swelling, and hospital officials are not sure she will make it.

Oscar Fuller was arrested and charged with assault. He was released on $100,000 bail and is pending trial.


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  • Emelyne

    This is disgusting and the only thing pissing me off more than this crime, is the fact that he’s claiming to be a person of God, as if being religious is a free pass to do foul sh!t to people, a get-out-of-jail-free pass. GTFOHWT! He needs hard time!

  • MissWonderful

    They need to LOCK UP all these MONKEYS running around doing sh*t like this!! He is a F-ing creep… and I hope he gets 30 years in JAIL! animal behavior!! He was in RAGE when he attacked this women! He should have NEVER gotten out of his car, he intended to harm her. There is NO excuse for putting his MONKEY hands on ANYONE!!!!! the community should and must be outrage and should show up to EVERY court appearance until this MONKEY is put AWAY for good. Don’t care if this MONKEY has a family, he sure as hell didn’t give a F, whether r not this woman had a family!

    She is STILL in a coma… If this woman dies, he should get LIFE in jail. Harsh crime harsh jail sentence, this story is out of control, he really needs to be put away.

  • MissWonderful

    OMG!! just watching that video tells me this MONKEY does NOT care!!! NO remorse for his action!! if this MONKEY gets off, on this crime ALL hell should break loose. This MONKEY is trying to justify punching someone out completely. Claiming “he did know she was in a coma”!!! that because this FAGGOT MONKEY left the crime spot, hopped in his car!

    Whether you r aware of hurting someone, U r indeed responsibly for your actions. This bastard does NOT belong walking the street. His freedom should and MUST be taken away for sure!

  • MissWonderful

    Look at this MONKEYS face, you can tell he has always been in alot of messy and someone sliced his ass from head to chin!!! good for his ass!!! hop they eat him alive in the slammer!!