From Black Voices — Wyclef Jean is now in a hospital recovering after allegedly being shot in his hand. Jean’s publicist, Cindy Tanenbaum, said that the artist was shot Saturday in Port-au-Prince, the day before the runoff vote for the Haitian presidential election. According to Tanenbaum, Jean is doing well.

Gerry Andre, Jean’s spokesperson in Haiti, also said that the artist was shot in the hand when getting out of a car to speak with him.

“He heard a gunshot, then he saw his right-hand palm was bleeding,” Andre told CNN.

It is not yet clear if Jean was an intended target of the alleged shooting. The efforts of police are being thwarted because Jean has refused to speak to them thus far. Garry Desrosiers, the spokesman for the Haitian National Police, is claiming that Jean has not cooperated with their investigation. The police are also saying that Jean wasn’t shot at all, and instead cut his hand with a piece of glass.

Jean was in Haiti to support the presidential campaign of Michel Martelly, a musician who is running against former first lady Mirlande Manigat.

“It was nothing,” said Damien Merlo, a Martelly spokesperson. “He’s fine and out and about getting out the vote for us.”

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  • theresa

    Not a huge fan of Wyclef, but the fact that the police are questioning the truth to his wounds and the fact that he is not cooperating with the police is giving me pause. Granted, he does a lot for Haiti and the Haitian community, but his actions are mocking the seriousness of this election – glad he lost the nomination.

    • Word, this is more than a tad suspect.