Willow Smith may have shown us how to whip our hair, but Sheree Fletcher is teaching us how to whoop some ash! Yesterday, the ex-wife of Will Smith and mother of Trey Smith, launched her new organic skin care line — Whoop Ash.

We love rich body butters! And with ingredients like white honey (a natural humectant), mango (a natural emollient), and shea butter — this skin conditioner may give an unruly epidermis the best ash whoopin’ of it’s life.

On March 5th-6th, the tough loving beauty brand will host  brunch at two Polish Bar of Brooklyn locations featuring custom spa services using Whoop Ash products. If you can’t make to the event, but still crack down on dry skin? No worries. You can shop the entire collection online at prices ranging from $6.95 to $49.95 or stop by Soho’s Georgia boutique.

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  • i will definitely be trying this, if just for the title alone lol

  • Forget Carols Daughter

    I think this line is swell. Because it is not fragrant and it has a mission to give beautfiul skin. It is not for certain people it is for all people. It is not for any specific complexion. LOL..It does not matter that she is half white (italian) it does not matter that she has straight long hair LOL and has light skin when it is not tan. Unlike Carol Daughter who had to have various type of black or black biracial women going on about the unecessary. Though I loved the women they chose and the photo they took and was glad they were picked. She is just promoting her product in a cool animated way.

    I didnt care about CD’s recent controversy. You cant please everyone! But, many years ago I went to CD’s site and I saw that their products were too herbal and estrogen based. God forbide you have allergies the products are too fragrant! Laced with cocoa butter which is overrated. Everything in the Whoop Ash product is good for you skin and not over done!

    Whoop there it is! Check them out online!