When Taylor Dill-Reese took her little one to Applebees, she never expected she’d be heading to the hospital after their meal.

According to reports, employees at Applebees in Madison Heights, made quite the mix up when they put margarita mix into Dill-Reese’s son, Dominique’s sippy cup instead of the apple juice she had ordered for him.

Dill-Reese says she first noticed something was up when little Dominique started acting strangely:

“He was saying hi and bye to the walls and then eventually lay his head on the table…. ‘He dozed off a little bit and woke up and got real happy.”

It was only when she was getting ready to head out that Dill-Reese says she tasted the “juice” her baby had been sipping on and tasted a margarita instead.

“Nobody at the table ordered alcoholic drinks so, he definitely shouldn’t have received one. The manager came and he smelled it and he was like, ‘I am so sorry ma’am, I just don’t know what to do.”

Applebees has issued a statement regarding the mix-up calling it ‘unacceptable.’ The company says it will be cooperating with local authorities’ investigation and conducting their own within the branch as well. Doctors said that little Dominique would be alright but warned that he could have died had he finished the drink.

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